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  1. Quake LED Releases New Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator JT Slim Smoked DRL Fender Chop Kit For ALL Wrangler Trim Levels!

    Can I get the outside bolt (#7) in the fender flare black? The chrome bolt looks out of place.
  2. JL Sports S, 35 inch tires, no lift

    Same tires and lift. I changed out the drag link, tie rod, and track bar to synergy. I was getting pretty bad death wobble. I’m not a big fan of synergy’s pinch bolts but I don’t have death wobble anymore. Synergy has a pretty loud “knock” which apparently is “normal”. I got the dealership to...
  3. JL Sports S, 35 inch tires, no lift

    They are very quiet and ride pretty smooth on the road. I was pretty shocked at how quiet they are. I haven't noticed any issues in the rain and it's been raining a lot here. No issues climbing wet rocks either. I'm pretty happy with them to say the least.
  4. JLWF / Quake LED Giveaway: Quake LED JL Headlights!

    QTE915 QTL767 QW836 QUU527 QUB081 QW836 Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. JL Sports S, 35 inch tires, no lift

    Update: 2” Mopar lift installed. Rides awesome
  6. JL Sports S, 35 inch tires, no lift

    I’m getting my 2” mopar lift this weekend. No rubbing driving around town, but wouldn’t feel comfortable going off road unless I had a lift. But, I love the way it drives. Nitto Ridge Grappler 35” Fuel Zephyr 17”