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  1. Katzin Seat Covers

    Katzin Seat Covers

  2. New Shoes for Baby

    New Shoes for Baby

  3. Consensus on best wireless Carplay dongle?

    I've had my Carlinkkit 2.0 for about a year and love it. The fact I can get in my Jeep and not have to spend time plugging in or unplugging every time I get in or out makes it a worthy upgrade. I tucked it into the center console so the dash is free to be used for other electronics
  4. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

  5. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Yeah, first time I didn't air down, 2nd time, Yep.. aired down.
  6. Any gas cards worth getting?

    The Citi Bank Costco Card is great. Costco gas is usually $.18-$.22 cheaper than regular gas stations. Top that off with 4% rewards for gas (not just Costco gas) & travel (plane fares, Rental Car etc), 3% for restaurants, 2% for Costco purchases and 1% for everything else. We started using it...
  7. Wireless CarPlay and charging products?

    I've had my carlink 2.0 for a year and other than an occasional long connect time, and I mean rarely, It works flawlessly. Hidden in my center console I almost forget it's there. I use to hate getting in the jeep for a short errand and have to pull my phone out and plug it in so I could...
  8. 2019 Jeep Blues.

    I have my moments :)
  9. 2019 Jeep Blues.

    Hey, I LOVE MY JEEP.. :)
  10. 2019 Jeep Blues.

    Bought my 2019 Wrangler Sport July 2019. Have put 30K on it since. Took it in for an oil change. They told me there was some seepage in the transmission. So I made an appointment 2 days later and brought it in. Service dept called and said, There was a problem with the Transfer Case and they...
  11. Wireless CarPlay dongles?

    I'd like to see a working comparison of Carlink 2.0 and the AirCarPlayQ for functionality. Consistent connection, etc.. I have a Carlink 2.0 and though I really do like it, it does have some inconsistencies when connecting. Sometimes it will connect right up and present my maps and resume my...
  12. Wireless CarPlay dongles?

    I agree, for general putting around it becomes a pain to plug your phone in each time you go out. I do plug in for long trips, but for running errands or short trips my Carlink 2.0 works wonderfully. Also, most rental cars now come with carplay or android auto so you just take your dongle with...
  13. CarlinKit 2.0 Reviews?

    Well I bit the bullet, ordered and received my "Carlink 2.0". Installed it this morning on my 2019 Sport w/7" screen, and so far so good. Looking forward to my wireless experience. Update: 3/15/2021 After a couple of days using my Carlink 2.0, I'm very pleased. The install was really easy...
  14. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    We call them scratches here in Arizona, "Arizona Pinstripes.."
  15. Who actually uses A/C?

    After a couple weeks of 110+ days in Central Arizona you'd probably reconsider..
  16. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Welcome, I'm also from Queen Creek...
  17. Back way to Mt Lemmon

    Has anyone done the backway from Oracle to Mt Lemmon since the fire? Is it closed?
  18. Is the factory headliner option worth it or better to go HotHead Liner?

    Well I finally bit the bullit and I just finished installing hothead headliners with Sound Assassin in my 2019 Wrangler. I must say that the whole thing took about 90 minutes and was easy peasy. Just followed the simple directions and watched the install video and skated thought. The quality of...