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  1. Insight Needed - Engine Clicking Sound (video)

    that is the injectors. you can try an injector tester, cheap and looks like an electric circuit continuity tester, and watch if the the injector tester flash in sync with the injector clicks.
  2. 6 spd MT hanging onto revs?

    just guessing - since a new vehicle like your jeep has more safeguards. But its like a bad idle air controller that when vehicle is in neutral with no throttle it add fuel to idle smoothly. So it seem like a bad sensor or software situation.
  3. Jeeps are so childish. It's really inspirational when teachers are creative. Very nice work !

    I wouldn't hold a grudge against the dealership. Manufacturers parts at 20% off is a nice coupon. But tires usually are gotten from a distributor and all the associated costs. And the coupon does have wording that is like a condition obligation.
  5. My JL has had several major issues in first 10k miles, what should i do?

    Sleep...Repeat. Has the Jeep ever left you stranded wouldn't start or move ?