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  1. Locking storage when roofless

    Doors on, windows down? Also, how would it affect the subwoofer? (If equipped)?
  2. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    When you get a chance, could we get a pic or two of the interior at night with the dash/door/ambient lights on? Also, how is the heated steering wheel? Is it just the top part of the wheel that heats up?
  3. The Elusive Golden Ticket

    I got the same email this morning. Will not be ordering until late spring/early summer. Had my hopes up till I looked at the expiration date.
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    Did they say how long they will honor that? I want to order late spring/early summer, and it would be much easier to go to Clarksville than to sit in 495 traffic. Also, I saw in another thread where you said they are doing 5% plus the $300 fee, is that correct? I didn't want to hijack that thread.
  5. JL Camping plans

    This may be a stupid question, but do bigger tires affect towing capability at all? I figure if they are heavier than stock, that changes how much weight the Jeep is moving at any time.
  6. Tinted soft top windows

    This may be a stupid question, but here goes. My last jeep was a 2000 sport with the half-doors, and I ended up replacing the soft top twice during the years I owned it thanks to the zippers on the door windows. Both times, I had to order the whole top, because I could not find a way to get just...
  7. JLWF + TFLcar Live Interactive Show Coming Thurs. Dec. 21. Submit your requests/questions!

    I remember on the video from the L.A. Auto show that focused on the Mojito JLUR, hearing someone say that some of the Mopar aftermarket parts would be factory installed. Do we know which ones are installed at the factory and which are dealer only? Also, does the vehicle alarm work at all with...
  8. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello all! I too have been lurking on the forum for about a month soaking up any information I can get on the new JL. I used to own a 2000 TJ Sport, and have missed it since the day I traded it in about 6 years ago. Now, I am somewhat obsessed with the redesign/updates and cannot wait to order...