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  1. Rhino Rack Backbone Installed!

    I did this some time ago before I added the 1.5" lift and 35" tires. If I recall correctly the height before the lift was 76", but not totally sure. I limited myself to the current lift and tires and it fits in my garage by about an inch. I do have issues if I need to park in underground...
  2. Error Code with Flashcal

    I will check the gas cap. As for the second, I did get the fender lights kit from American Adventure Labs, perhaps that has to do with this error code. The jeep drives correctly and has no other issues. It is strange that after clearing it, it doesn't come back for a month or more. It also...
  3. Revealed: Custom SEMA 2021 Jeeps - 4xe concept, Overlook 3-row concept, Kaiser M725 concept

    That third row seat is outside of the roll cage. I don't know if this would pass safety testing. I imagine there would have to be modifications needed if it were to go into production.
  4. Error Code with Flashcal

    I get the following error codes after I installed flashcal to update my tire size. Anyone else experience this? What do these mean?
  5. Xtreme Recon spare tire stolen, but Not available to order replacement 🤬

    You do understand there are parts shortages due to the supply chain issues. With all the container ships waiting to be offloaded, everyone is affected. While it sucks not having your tire right now, you won’t get much relief from any other auto manufacturer.
  6. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    I like the fact that it hides the winch in he bumper instead of being fully exposed.
  7. Help Importing a JLUR to the US

    Sell it and buy a new one here when you arrive. Probably saves you some cash
  8. Fridge dilemma(s)

    If you are that close to ice, then go with a roto molded cooler. I went with a Cascade Mountain from Costco and couldn’t be happier. Much cheaper than a Yeti and just as good.
  9. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    Get the one that bolts down on the floor, not the side. I was bent in half trying to get the side mount dead pedal installed. Decided to throw it out for the floor mounted version. Took more time looking for the wrench than it did to install.
  10. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    They appear to be about an inch, rear and front in picture
  11. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    American Adventure Labs has these
  12. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    I got the ones made for the 0-1.5” lift. Not sure the exact length.
  13. Tazer Mini Question

    With the seat off you can now install a side mounted dead pedal. That was a hundred fold more difficult to install than the SGW. I am still twisted over from installing that thing.
  14. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    I assume you were asking me, but I have the Skyjacker 1.5 lift kit, Falcon 3.3 shocks, Falcon Steering Stabilizer, TeraFlex LCA, Steersmart yeti front and rear track bar, drag link, tie rod. I also have the American Adventure Labs fender lights.
  15. Best 1-1.5” Lift?

    On my JLUR with 35” tires, I installed the Skyjacker 1.5 springs, Falcon 3.3 shocks, and TeraFlex LCA’s. I also installed Steersmart components. It rides like stock and has a proportionate lift for the tires. I am pleased how it turned out.
  16. What's your height after lift

    Some height will also be added if you get a roof rack. I decided to get just the 35” tires and a small 1.5 lift on my Rubicon with a rhino rack. I have about an 1” of space between the garage door and the roof rack.
  17. Not mine, but couldn't resist taking pics...first Rubicon with XR package I've seen in person!

    Not bad at all, 8.4 stereo, gorilla glass, hard top. I would have probably wanted the led lights and tow package Included.
  18. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    Can’t use the backup camera when pulling the trailer, something blocks it.
  19. iPad Pro 9.7 inch not charging in Jeep

    This is because the iPad needs more power than the usb in the Jeep can supply. You may notice that the iPad cannot charge through a laptop usb and needs to be charged on the wall outlet.
  20. What if you want to lift your Rubicon an inch or 2?

    I wanted the same thing as you for my Rubicon. I didn’t want the full 2.5 lift with 35‘s, but still wanted a spring lift. I ended up going with the Skyjacker 1.5 springs with Falcon 3.3 shocks. I also got Teraflex fixed LCA‘s to bring the caster out and reduce steering wander. I couldn’t be...