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  1. Pennsylvania Mojave Front Bumper $100

    Thank you for responding but not interested in shipping at this point. I don't have any packaging. If you have something set up for me to drop it off where you have someone handling the packaging and shipping, then I'm ok with that but I think this will be expensive to ship. Thanks, Bob
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: Mojave Front Bumper $100

    I am selling a Mojave Front Bumper without the LED fog lights. The vehicle is garage kept and waxed, the bumper is in excellent shape. I debated keeping it as wall art in the garage but have too many other projects going on at the moment. I am located in Whitehall, PA near Allentown. It comes...
  3. Pennsylvania JTops USA Bikini Sun Shade (Front Half) $100

    If anyone is interested along the I78 or I81 corridor, I'm leaving Allentown, PA heading south to Winchester, VA in the morning for a day trip and returning in the afternoon.
  4. Pennsylvania Sold: JTops USA Bikini Sun Shade (Front Half) $100

    I am selling a JTops Bikini (FRONT ONLY) Jeep Wrangler Sun Shade Top FITS: (2018 - Current) 2 Dr and 4 Dr JL and the Jeep Gladiator. I purchased it new September 2nd, 2020, used it a few times then traded my Wrangler for a Gladiator. I used it once with the Gladiator but have decided to go with...
  5. 35" vs 37" Tires (and lift) on a JLRU for Daily Driver at 70-90 mph

    Mine were between 32-34psi. I tried lower as well but was annoyed with the low-pressure lamp and wasn't much better. Unfortunately, I added the lift, adjustable track bar, steering stabilizer, and tires at the same time. Immediately noticed the steering pulling to the right and had...
  6. 35" vs 37" Tires (and lift) on a JLRU for Daily Driver at 70-90 mph

    Wish I would have read this chain earlier. I bought the 37s SST's and 2" lift for my JLUR and it looked perfect but for a daiy driver in PA it was challenging. Everytime I hit the construction zone it was a white knuckle experience. Those that drive PA 78 look know what I am talking about...
  7. Method 316 Gloss Titanium Painted?

    Curious if anyone has these and would you share pictures, especially with a black wrangler. I'm in the market for another set of wheels and after having the matte black 701's on my punk'n Jeep, I now traded to a black Jeep and would like to switch out the black wheels to either machined finish...
  8. Would you trade JL for JT?

    I guess we are odd balls Jason. I traded my 2018 JLUR for the Mojave after test driving.
  9. Pennsylvania OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    PM me your ship to address and I'll look for a box and see what it costs.
  10. Pennsylvania 2018 JLUR, Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $40

    I'm heading down to Winchester, VA tomorrow, late afternoon,and will pass by Hamburg. Could meet somewhere nearby 78.
  11. Pennsylvania 2018 JLUR, Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $40

    I still have the parts. Let me know if you are interested.
  12. Pennsylvania Sold: Harken Jeep Storage Hoister System - $75

    I have a Harken Hoister for sale, I purchased this summer, It is in like-new condition. None of the lines have been unaltered so works for both high and low ceilings. My ceilings were low so I only raised the top around 2-4". I used the hoist around a dozen times and makes removing the top...
  13. Pennsylvania Sold: Freedom Panel Storage Bag for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL - $60

    I am selling my Freedom Panel Storage Bag for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL Mopar 68297726AD. It was used a couple of times, other than that is has been in the original plastic wrapping. Free pick up available.
  14. Pennsylvania OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    Sure thing, let me know
  15. Pennsylvania OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    I am not sure, I would have thought that they would be the same. I will have to look for a part number on the carrier.
  16. Pennsylvania 2018 JLUR, Rubicon Suspension Take Offs $40

    I am selling take off items from my 2018 JLUR. Sway bar link ends, track bar, lower control arms, and new version OEM steering stabilizer (less than 10 miles). I am located north of Allentown in Whitehall, PA.
  17. Pennsylvania Sold: OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    I am selling the tire carrier that came with the Rubicon. I upgraded to the Rugged Ridge tire carrier and transferred the brake light so the carrier for sale does not have the brake light. Please see the pictures. I am located north of Allentown, in Whitehall, PA
  18. Pennsylvania Sold: JLUR Rock Sliders Rails - OEM Rubicon $75

    I cleaning up / clearing out my take-off parts. I have a set of the OEM Rock Slider that came with my Rubicon. They were never offroad so they are damage-free and low mileage. I am a couple of miles north of Allentown in Whitehall, PA
  19. Rear camera while driving

    Thanks I'll have to look for the icon. It this case I believe it was a glitch, I drove a few miles like this then realized I couldn't get rid of it or access anything else on the screen. Cycling the ignition off/on fixed it.