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  1. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    There already is an increase in volume of chips for automotive, lot of it at the expense of other markets, and around midyear there is new capacity coming on for the automotive companies. In terms of prices, I'd expect new car prices to come down first as once the production lines get ramped up...
  2. for those with the safety Packages....

    I think it's a contrast issue in general - I have the system warning go off when it's a sunny day and I go under certain overpasses/bridges. Haven't figured out why certain ones trigger, but if it goes off, it's one of a handful locally.
  3. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    You're correct with the ownership, of course, but the Jeep 2L engine was unique to Alfa, used first on the Guilia and then on the Stelvio when the SUV/CUV was introduced. None of the FIAT engine plants make the same engine.
  4. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    Using Fiat as a proxy for the Alfa Romeo Guilia and the 2L engine which Jeep used for the Turbo is like calling the Compass a type of Wrangler...:)
  5. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    Not related to the OP's issue, but doesn't the 12v on the 4XE run most of the normal stuff like heated seats, AC and heat, etc., or is some of this off the high voltage battery pack?
  6. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    The only comment here is that when you use Waze or Google Maps off line you don't have access to real time traffic conditions, and the same is true for the Jeep's built in NAV if you're not paying for the U-Connect service (and even then it's not clear it works all the time).
  7. Illinois JLUR rock rails

    Sunday is fine - I'm in the city tomorrow for some stuff I need to do. I'll PM you with a cell number and other info.
  8. Illinois Sold: JLUR rock rails

    Rubicon 2019 takeoff, about 5,000 miles on them, good condition, no dents, no hardware. Asking $100, located in Chicgo's Northshore suburbs.
  9. How many members here wheel serious off road with stock size tires and OEM lift?

    In my (limited) experience the addition of a lift (1 1/2" - 2 1/2") avoids the majority of the run ins that require skid plates, guards, sliders, etc., especially given your note about not trying to hit the harder trails up front. Obviously this is dependent on where you're riding.
  10. Cruise control cannot maintain consistent speed; frequent gear shifts leading to overheating

    Have you tried to replicate the issue at say 65? A +/- 2 mile variance at 79 is not unusual, the gears moving all around is. Had a Sahara with the 2L, and we did a similar trip from Chicago to Ouray and never had that problem. On the steep highway uphills, the gears would drop to 5th in some...
  11. 2021 jlu 2.0L skid plates set recommendation?

    Here's one more for you - had them on a Sahara before trading to the Rubicon.
  12. Rich Jeepers

    Neither of these statements is correct today - in both cases the CC companies need to notify you in advance. I'm with Wibornz on this one - smart use of CC can provide great benefits for travel or cash back options.
  13. Sidewall cracks after trail?

    Without knowing how deep the tears are, it's hard to say. Can you gauge the depth by using a toothpick after breaking off the sharp edge or something similar? If one of the tires is really bad, rotate to the spare and see if you're losing air over the next few weeks. I don't know that I'd go off...
  14. Jeep fail

    Hey now - I resemble that remark. This is my first vehicle with a heated steering wheel and living in Chicago, when it's 20 below and the Jeep has been out all day, I'm happy to have paid for the Cold Weather Package. I'd probably give up the AC before the heat... :)
  15. Steering wheel heat

    On the current Rubi and on my previous Sahara they both cycle on/off without my intervention. Maybe the outside temps have something to do with it? I also don't know if this is something that can be adjusted in the settings (like the auto on feature)?
  16. Steering wheel heat

    I think both are correct - it stays on until you turn it off but the sensor will "stop" heating when it gets above a certain point and then start heating again when it gets to a certain temperature.
  17. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    Last response on this as the thread intent is long gone and I try to keep this kind of stuff out of my daily life with people I don't know. Having said that, I can say that I'm really not concerned about your personal decision, but rather the repetitive nature of the misinformation that you...
  18. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    Thanks for the response and a few points - you said that the vaccine alters your genetics. That means DNA. The surface of a cell where the proteins form is not altering your genetics. Could you also link the quoted medical device paragraph as clearly it notes a medical device as treatment and...
  19. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    Not trying to tell you what to do but there are 3 assumptions in your comment above that are simply incorrect and if you're making a decision based on that, maybe worth reconsidering. - The vaccine does not edit / change your DNA or screw with your genetics in any form at all - The vaccine does...
  20. Don’t die with your yacht in the driveway

    You are right - if you start collecting SS before your full retirement age, you lose $1 for every $2 in income above the minimum (around $19k). Once you hit full retirement (for most people close that is 67 now), that restriction goes away. One more point - while life expectancy is 77-78 for a...