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  1. 2020 JLU Diesel DEF Tank

    I've seen nothing about doing anything with the DEF tank other than throwing a slider on it. Someone who wheels a lot with his diesel doesn't even have skids on his and doesn't hit it.
  2. 37’s, 3.0, and 3.73’s

    I wouldn't mind a bit more ooomph, but not for the $$ to go to 4.10s. Plus my 37 KM3s are both smaller and lighter than something like a Nitto or Cooper mud. I'm around 25hwy, 21 town
  3. Completely unscientific mileage comparison JKU vs JLURD

    My JK with 35 all terrains and a 2 1/2 inch lift was a pig compared to my diesel with 37 inch mud trains and a 3 1/2 inch left. I get 50 to 75% better mileage depending on the type of driving
  4. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Fact Sheet

    Agree, but at least we have a Jeep to drive!
  5. Worth trading in my 3.6 for the 3.0??

    I love my JLURD with 3.5" lift and 37s. Wouldn't trade it for anything.....unless I was commuting. Then I'd get a 35s and maybe 2" lift. Awesome engine sure to be a collectors edition soon
  6. Using OEM Fog wiring/buttons with aftermarket lights.....ARB Solis?

    I ended up selling them cause they were too big for my bumper.
  7. Diesel Diff Housing

    They are not as wide as Rubicons I’m pretty sure but other wise they are Dana 44s
  8. Aluminum Belly Pan Price

    I don't think so but there is a diesel JL in Eurozone just not a 3.0.
  9. Combo/Drive Light Recommendation

    Nice. Thanks for throwing that up. I think the Lp4s ambers are the way I want to go. I only have room on my bumpers for 1 light on either side.
  10. Aluminum Belly Pan Price

    I asked them after I got my JLURD and they said they had no plans. Maybe that will change.
  11. Combo/Drive Light Recommendation

    Looking at the following: Baja Designs LP6 (Seems overkill for my needs) Baja Designs LP4 Baja Designs Squadron Pro I'm not. looking for high speed needs. Poking around trails and campground as needed in PM and AM Any other recommendations?
  12. Jeep Wave and 3.0

    Did mine at 7k According to computer still had 30% oil life left.
  13. Lift kit of JL Ecodeisel

    I agree with this recommendation but can’t go wrong with metalcloak. I have it but way more invasive of a job than AEV which only takes a few hours.
  14. JLURD build

    Nice. I like those fenders and liners. So far, I like my 3.5gc on my JLURD, but I do find the shocks a bit harsh. My AEV lift on my JK handled rougher terrain at speed better. I can see a shock upgrade in my future. I've been looking at aluminum sliders if even put on sliders, but you make a...
  15. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    I Agree. That stabilizer is great
  16. School me on Shocks, please (Metalcloack related)

    Thanks. I mountain bike a lot and understand compression and damping. I just can’t translate as easily to the Jeep. I know when my ride is harsh things circuits are closed or air pressure is too high.
  17. School me on Shocks, please (Metalcloack related)

    I'm running 30psi for daily driving. I find it fine, but I still find the suspension somewhat unable to soak up bumps at speed. Its OK. I built my jeep main for trails, but I can see upgrading the shocks in the future for more control at speed.
  18. ICON Rebound Pro Wheels with InnerLock Bead Retention Technology

    Most full lift kids required <4.5 to not rub. I love AEV wheels but cannot use them or my tires will rub. AEV makes beadlocks for a more OEM wheel tuck.