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  1. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Got ducked at Martinsville Speedway on Saturday. Made my wife's day! I don't Facebook so posting here.
  2. Auto Start/Stop

    Dealer just replaced the smaller battery today. I noticed over the past 2 weeks that the ESS was not working and had this message start/stop not ready battery charging. 2019 with the 3.6 right at 25k miles
  3. Discount Tire price match A+

    Wanted to give Discount Tire a shout out for a no hassle price match on my tires plus they even price matched the installation cost. I was expecting the tires to arrive in a few weeks and within a week my local Discount Tire was calling to let me know the tires arrived.
  4. 2021 Pigeon Forge Jeep Invasion

    Wanted to tell everyone a big Thanks for all the information provided, unfortunately due to work we will have to leave on Saturday. I'm already trying to see if we can make a run back up for a day or two while we are at Bristol for the night race.
  5. 2021 Pigeon Forge Jeep Invasion

    August 26-28
  6. 2021 Pigeon Forge Jeep Invasion

    I plan on attending this year and looking for input from others who have previously attended to see what they have to say. This will help me plan my visit and any additional must see sites or places to eat are always a plus. I'm not sure if my better half will enjoy this as much as myself so...
  7. Narrow MTs

    Completey different tire than you are talking about but they are in Rayne just up the road from you. Unfortunately these are bias and not radials. XSX2-70 SUPER SWAMPER TSL/SXII 35X10-17 4 $185.00.
  8. Light bar that will fit to my factory steel bumper?

    Does anyone have any experience with the rock hard 4x4 winch guard?
  9. To Catch a Catch Can

    What type of fitting is that called? I've looked but haven't had any luck, even called UPR.
  10. To Catch a Catch Can

    Dumb idea or not? Just received my UPR catch can and seeing how the factory hose is ran I thought about just leaving the factory hose in place and capping the ends of it to keep trash out. Just in case a time comes where I need to remove the catch can and reconnect the factory hose.
  11. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    My wife got ducked this weekend in Indian Land, SC. It definately made her day and a big thanks to the individual who ducked our Jeep.
  12. Crash

    I questioned the exact same thing last year when we was rear ended. The body shop indicated that they run a scan for faults and it will identify if there are any codes associated with the seat belt . No issues was found and I also requested to be reimbursed for deminished value with the at fault...
  13. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    My first trip would be to Uwharrie OHV trail in NC and with the Clayton lift it would make the ride that much more enjoyable.
  14. To Catch a Catch Can

    I was curious how many purchased the one way breather with the catch can. If you did is it like a K&N filter that can be cleaned?
  15. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    I like the setup of this and want to back but unsure how the headliners in the hardtop wil hold up. I've reached out to the company with my concern but haven't had a reply back.
  16. Headliners - Are they worth it?

    I installed the hotheads mainly to help reduce the summer heat, nice quality product but I honestly don't believe it helped reduce the interior noise. My wife drives the Jeep so I could easily be wrong on the reduced noise aspect. One thing to look at that I just realized while looking at some...
  17. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Due to a canceled flight took it on a 1000 mile road trip from South Carolina to Louisiana this week.
  18. Just rear ended Charlotte, NC body shop needed

    I did not see the updated post initially but will be calling Loren first thing Monday morning. I also emailed them this morning with the link provided on their website to see if they possibly would reach out to me today. At least I now know where to take our vehicles to for body work.
  19. Just rear ended Charlotte, NC body shop needed

    We had the JL towed to Stateline Jeep in Fort Mill, does anyone have any input on their work? Everyone was ok, just a little shook up. I now see why our insurance was cheaper on the JL vs the car that we traded-in.
  20. Just rear ended Charlotte, NC body shop needed

    Unfortunately it was a very nice young man in the service coming home to visit family that hit us. Maybe I should look into after market bumpers rather than having the factory steel bumpers replaced.