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  1. 2.0T etorque coming back?

    After a few problems with the 3.6L (broken oil cooler/filter assembly, sand left in block casting issue) I test drove the 2.0 eTorque, and bought a 2018 JLU with the 2.0 eTorque. Now after 40,000 trouble free miles and a 24.5 mpg lifetime average, I think the 2.0 is a winner.
  2. Running soft top in Chicago winter

    I had soft top TJ & JK for many years in the Chicago winters. No worry, you will be ok!
  3. Mopar / Meyer snow plows announced for JL and JT

    I plowed with a ‘97 TJ for a few years and never had a issue. I set up the Jeep to handle the extra weight of the plow (6.5’ Sno-Way) by using Grand Cherokee V8 springs, and Timbren (?) overload bags. The Jeep sagged just a little with the plow on, and drove great the rest of the year. I found...