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  1. Mopar cost?

    It will most likely vary by dealer. The one I have my service done at quoted me around $2,000 installed. This was about 6 months ago, and assumed the kit cost around $1,400, and they estimated around $600 in shop costs. It may be worth looking to see if they have examples of work or references...
  2. CarPlay problems

    I occasionally have this issue as well. It usually works by using the usb outlet in the center console, but sometimes it'll stop and I have to use the dash outlet. I've had one morning where audio would not work on any outlet but CarPlay would show video from the phone but no Audio. No...
  3. 2018 wrangler jl metal aftermarket front bumpers?

    Has anyone used the LOD Signature Shorty? or any Shorty for that and had a good license plate bracket? I like the idea of a shorty but not sure where to put the license plate.
  4. Jeep Wave Tire Rotation

    My first rotation under jeep wave they only did 4. I was told I had to specifically ask to have the 5th rotated in. So at my next scheduled time I did, cost $5, I was a little annoyed but went with it, not worth arguing over. Chances are, FCA probably only stipulates 4 tire rotation. What I was...
  5. Which Lift Kit for New Rubicon Unlimited

    Have you considered the Mopar lift kit?
  6. What to upgrade with 35's to 37's and more

    It is almost identical, he pulled off showing the other side, making it look like the original. Trail rates badge is gone too and the antenna showed up! Still gets you for a min.
  7. What to upgrade with 35's to 37's and more

    Thank you very much! I’m not against upgrading some geometry and other components but was worried about breakage right away or just not working. It is a manual but will assume to recommendation holds on going to 4.88’s. This has really helped in figuring out what to do. Thank you and all for...
  8. What to upgrade with 35's to 37's and more

    So, someone had posted the 35's and the 2" lift. I didn't mind it. I also have little kids that'll have an issue getting in to 35's let alone 37's. I was more asking, is 37's the start of the slippery slope down the way of; re-gearing, front geometry, rear tailgate re-enforcement. I believe...
  9. What to upgrade with 35's to 37's and more

    I am debating a lift and larger tires for a 2018 JLUR. I do not plan on very difficult or technical rock crawling, but enjoy a number of trails in the area. I'm trying to balance clearance and drivability with the slippery slope of ever growing wheels and lots of upgrades to various components...
  10. $6,000 Budget for wheels, tires and a lift?

    Where in VA and how soon are you looking ?
  11. When to get external tire carrier?

    Would people recommend a re-enforcement bracket for 35’s?
  12. When to get external tire carrier?

    I am looking to swap out the stock (plastic) bumpers on the JLUR. In the not too distant future I was going to get 35's. I was trying not to overthink the process of swapping out the rear bumper, but, I didn't want to rule out the idea of a bumper system with an integrated tire carrier. When...
  13. 2" lift with 35s, any regrets with this set-up? Ideal set-up for 35s?

    I was looking into the Mopar 2” lift and KO2 35’s. I was wondering if people had any other steering issues or track bar geometry issues after just the lift and tires? Has anyone found a spare tire carrier that’ll work on the 35’s? I realize the tire mount slides up. To account for a larger...
  14. Tailgate sticking

    I have a 2018 JLUR with stock for the model wheels and tires. I have been parking it in my driveway which is a little bit of an incline. I've had it since May of 2018, and I am noticing now some slightly difficulty opening the tailgate. Do people think the pull from being on an incline could...
  15. Scratch in Hard Top Channel

    All, I've noticed in other threads both the spray and touch up bar have been used to clean up scratches and whatnot in a hard top: Spray:
  16. Folding up Soft-top and storage

    I recently swapped the hard top back onto the Jeep for the winter. The Soft top is gracing parts of my house that apparently need to get cleaned up for family coming over. I have been trying to get some ideas on what to do, I think in the short term I may just get some hooks and hang it in the...
  17. Requirement to be in 4 Lo for Axle lock?

    Apparently, in a turn of events. There is this concept of "activated" vs "locked". I guess they've been driving around with "activated" lockers in 4 HI. Sorry for any confusion. Thank you for the JL cleaning this up. They're either on or off.
  18. Requirement to be in 4 Lo for Axle lock?

    Apparently, at least on the Recon it just works that way. I just confirmed with them. So, I'm not losing it on my side that this is different. I feel bad that I couldn't find it in the owners manual, but from watching a number of YouTube video's it seemed to be commonly understood.
  19. Preventing Fender Fade

    I'm happy to repot the suggestion of ArmorAll Cleaner was right on, that cleaned the fenders up rather well, also the plastic bumper. Will use the 303 when it arrives tomorrow. Thanks again.
  20. Requirement to be in 4 Lo for Axle lock?

    All, I had gone out with some friends who have JK Rubicons (Recon), and they are able to lock their axle's in 4 High. I believe you must be in 4 Lo for the JL Rubicon. I couldn't find anything in the manual (yes I read it, correct me if it's in there please.. I feel stupid). Is that new...