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  1. Georgia Teraflex JL front control arm drop brackets

    Brand new never used. Changed my mind and decided to go long arm but it was too late to return these. Recommended for lifts 2.5” and up. Comes with all hardware and instructions. Costs $350 new I’m asking $300
  2. Georgia Factor 55 Flatlink & rope guard

    Nah sold it forgot I had it on here
  3. Worry about pins breaking when removing doors?

    Not to be a dick but i really don’t see how you could bend the pins as long as your plugging it in straight. I take my doors on and off all the time and have never felt like I was in danger of that happening. My method is open the door, unplug the harness and pull the strap off the hook, open...
  4. How old is the 2.0 T?

    43000 on my 2.0. No major issues. Averaged low 20’s mpg stock. On 39’s now with 5.13 gears and I usually between 14-16 now. As far as pep goes, even with the 39’s I’ve accidentally done over 100 😬
  5. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    They’re not interchangeable as the sport bumpers are one piece and end that goes up to the fender is all part of that one piece bumper. At one point I thought about ordering a bunch of those inner pieces and swapping them for customers when I do lift kits and such but alas no luck. The good news...
  6. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Well that’s a damn answer right there
  7. Side mount frame mounted sliders options

    Im looking for frame mounted rock sliders that mount to the side of the frame. Ive got the LOD sliders now and have no issues with them other than they use the bolts ill eventually need for a long arm kit and or belly pan. I know Roam Offroad makes some but cant find any real info on them so...
  8. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Its called a DEI 535t and you'll need one per pair of windows so two for a 4 door. They're about $60 each. There's a write up on the installation somewhere on this site but i just paid a friend like a hundred bucks to install mine
  9. Uh-Oh...we're in trouble now...

    Well shit now i wanna see what caused the raucous
  10. Georgia Teraflex front & rear 2.5" coil springs JLU

    Took these off to put 3.5" springs on. They've got about 10k miles on them. Asking $300
  11. Window Express Down - OBD JScan or Other Programmer

    Yeah that's the one. One of only two things ive paid someone else to do. Im sure i could've figured it out but ive got a friend that specializes in auto electrical so i just let him do it
  12. Window Express Down - OBD JScan or Other Programmer

    Ive got it on mine. DEI 535t power window controller 👌
  13. Trimming with 40’s with 3 inch bump stops?

    Checked out your insta and that was helpful. I just got my AAL inners and gotta start trimming them up for mine. You have more pics of what you cut and how you modified the new inner fenders to get all the clearance?
  14. Georgia 37x12.5R17 Toyo M/T tires

    Damn knew i was forgetting something 🤣 Asking 1k
  15. Georgia 37x12.5R17 Toyo M/T tires

    Five 37x12.5R17 Toyo M/T tires These are the load range D 8 ply not the 10 ply. They ride very well with no vibrations. One is brand new never driven on the others are maybe half worn. The have some scraps from offroading but no cupping or feathering. Im located in Atlanta and im selling these...
  16. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Not hard to do if you have the arb remote air chuck. Its like $12 and id also definitely recommend the dust cap too. Its like another 3 bucks. Just pay attention to where you're drilling the hole and that there's nothing behind where you're mounting thats going to make running the air line difficult