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  1. Carplay wireless dongle --needed or not?

    I use mine all the time but yes on long trips I plug it in but for back and fourth to work and other trips that are not long it’s super convenient.
  2. Setting TPMS, Tire Size, and Gear Ratio "Permanently"?

    @jeepoch you Sir gave an extremely well documented and detailed explanation and thank you. I was one of the original Tazer users and had the two piece and went thru some growing pains with parasitic draw and such and all of this was ultimately resolved by Joe and his group at Zauto. I did a...
  3. Setting TPMS, Tire Size, and Gear Ratio "Permanently"?

    Tazer has live functions and vehicle settings, with all live functions it has to be connected and married to work but with vehicle settings once you set them after marrying it you can just unplug the Tazer, but you,have to leave it married the rub is when you take your JL in for say a software...
  4. Setting TPMS, Tire Size, and Gear Ratio "Permanently"?

    @CarbonSteel JSCAN handles a lot but it does struggle with the ESS disabling compared to Tazer but nothing is left connected. I leave my ECRI bypass in all the time and then when and if I want to make a change or test a new feature I just plug in one of several BT modules I have and use the...
  5. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    I’m not saying no makers don’t have issues but these lights were a long time in development and testing 😆 but now have issues, I was eager to hear of these being released many months back like before the JT’s were released but ended up going a different route as I got tired of waiting. These...
  6. Installed Genesis Dual Battery Kit and Results Are looking Good!

    I spoke to Shane about this and he advised Genesis wanted to make this install as simple as possible and the IBS cable is wrapped to the same cable as the factory negative with that electrical wrap all makers use so kind of a hassle to unwrap it but not impossible, mine is already unwrapped so I...
  7. Installed Genesis Dual Battery Kit and Results Are looking Good!

    Mine has been in since Oct 2020 and no real issues, there are some what I call design glitches and the major one is the parasite draw of the Cole Hersey solenoid, it’s really high when closed and batteries are connected but once the main crank gets down to 12.7 +/- .1 it opens and that draw goes...
  8. Jeep won’t start

    So did the 2018 Jk not have some of the shortcomings the JL has like ESS, if it did then I would say the ESS battery is a possible issue.
  9. Jeep won’t start

    I thought 2018 was the last year for the JK, I somewhat remember going to the lot and asking about the JK’s they had and was told the JL was a better redesigned Jeep and both were 2018’s but I honestly never looked to see what options were available.
  10. JLU SAHARA - 33" vs 35" Tires

    The front bumper is made by ROAM Off-road, very solid.
  11. Bestop Sunrider twill cleaning and protection

    @moparcruiser there are literally thousands of products on the market so you as as the owner has to choose what works for you based on the performance you are are looking for and at times some products that cost less perform the same function and at times they don’t. For me I recently revamped...
  12. Bestop Sunrider twill cleaning and protection

    I use 303 cleaner then once it’s dry I use the fabric protectant and the protectant will last months but you still have to clean the top with a quick wash of your choice, for me I only use the 303 cleaner prior to the protectant after that I just use Megs Gold Wash ( same soap used to wash Jeep )
  13. Best battery to upgrade to?

    When you get it installed ensure the smart isolator is connected on both sides, it has a water tight seal and is kinda hard to get snapped in especially if your Jeep is like lifted. Also I would suggest you do some type of weekly charge to keep the batteries at peak, I have. NOCO 10 that hangs...
  14. Best battery to upgrade to?

    Have had my Genesis dual system in for quite awhile running Full River 750’s with ZERO problems
  15. JL Retractable Sunshade

    I really wish @Bestop would add this to their list, I have been wanting a retractable shade since putting on my SR for hardtop.
  16. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic wax

    I just recently used several things to detail my JL with and the Megs Hybrid was my LSP and have had zero issues, I basically did a two step correction, Im not sure what wax that is but what I used was different and it did not discolor any plastic trim. here is a good read...
  17. Replaced auxiliary battery and auto start/stop still not working and hood ajar light on.

    As stated go back into JSCAN and reverse what you did, if not sure what was turned off you can use the Trace & Restore function within JSCAN.. JSCAN does not handle ESS as well as the Tazer but other than that JSCAN works well but is a bit more Expensive “ Techie” and requires more from the...
  18. JL hood risers

    As stated Redline hands down, mine have been for quite sometime and zero issues.
  19. OEM Headlight Bulb Upgrade to Beamtech LEDs

    I installed these Beamtechs almost two years ago and they appear just as bright as day one and no visible flicker Considered other options at first but went with these and thought it would be temporary until more choices with...
  20. Who suffers from OCD?

    I have not technically been diagnosed with any disorder but I sincerely believe I suffer from something, I always click the lock button on my FOB 3x, I always lower my garage door and then look at it several times to ensure it’s down when leaving and lots of times I circle back to make sure, all...