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  1. Bull bar vs. No Bull bar?

    Perhaps those protestors would be better served and SAFER, conducting their antics curbside or perhaps the sidewalk as opposed to the interstate, bridge or other busy highway that is used by us working folks.
  2. Warn winch newbie question?

    You might be better served calling them directly. My experience with Warn responding to emails has been piss poor.
  3. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Don't fret, you'll get there. Even the slow dog gets a bone, eventually.
  4. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Welp.... at least your vax'd and boosted. And I bet you didn't have to pay for that either Pal.
  5. Funny cartoon but true [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Yep, tried it. Now my Jeep won't run anymore and the dealership is giving me a hard time with my warranty claim!
  6. Already down at 3,605 miles :(

    Any chance your auto insurance policy would cover this for you?
  7. How Can We Help?

    I think Benny is on vacation this week.
  8. Synthetic Winch Line Recommendations

    This is the exception NOT the norm. Professionals use STEEL for a reason. Research, learn and practice safe handling and maintain it properly it will last you almost a lifetime.
  9. After 3+ Years I Notced a New Easter Egg

    Some people need things spelled out... including Easter eggs
  10. Using OEM Fog wiring/buttons with aftermarket lights.....ARB Solis?

    I just ordered a pair this BF, how'd you make out with your wiring?
  11. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    I see what your saying, just wondering if that was even an option as I have been kicking around about "upgrading" to the steel bumper if I can find one cheap on CL or whatever. I'd rather dremel a little bit of metal and add some rustoleum then grind on that lamp and cause immediate problems...
  12. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    Have you considered grinding/beveling the steel of the bumper vs. the lamp? My story: I have these lamps, but in the plastic bumper, they clicked in tight, in fact I did not screw them as I couldn't get at the screw hole and was impatient and I was not gonna remove the bumper. I ordered them...
  13. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    That's just Rhinebeck01 giggling at each post. He's a funny guy.
  14. Trail Trak Roll Cage Track Mounting System

    Thanks for the link. Pretty good video by Quadratec. Looks like the jack must be mounted without the jack base and must be removed/reinstalled each time the soft top is lowered/raised.
  15. Trail Trak Roll Cage Track Mounting System

    Is that compatible with functioning of the soft top?
  16. Trail Trak Roll Cage Track Mounting System

    I don't mind the drilling... more concerned on how it worked with the soft top folding, closing and in the Sunrider position. I have a hi lift on the exterior of my TJ since 1999, and I have to lean and lube the mechanism every 3 months and its in dire need of some rust removal and a...
  17. Trail Trak Roll Cage Track Mounting System

    Curious about this too. Did you end up getting one?
  18. Xtreme Recon spare tire stolen, but Not available to order replacement 🤬

    I'm just glad they didn't steal the whole Jeep. Imagine the wait time for all those additional parts they typically throw together to build the XR....
  19. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    No, not at all. In fact I have a Honda too.... been faithfully mowing my lawn with it for the past 18 years with absolutely NO wiring problems and still going strong!