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  1. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    what brand of fog lights are those?
  2. Tracking our Chapman Horsham Jeep orders?

    Ordered 8/2 and it landed at the dealership on 9/23...took me a month to schedule a trip up there.
  3. I just sold my 2021 Bronco

    Chapman CDJR mine was 6% which equals 10k…I think they are still offer 10k off for 392’s
  4. I just sold my 2021 Bronco

    Depends on where you get it. I was able to save 10k off MSRP for a 392.
  5. Is a 392 with uConnect5 going to align?

    If you want a 392 get it...dont let a simple UC stop you. These 392's will only go up in value
  6. New JL owners: any issue with fuses / relays not fully seated upon delivery?

    My dealership has that as apart of their in pre delivery index so when I checked mine I found all were seated corrected
  7. Sky one touch toof

    I was on the fence about the SOT, but when I took delivery of my Rubi392 and operated it for the first time, I knew I was glad that I listened to my Dad when he suggested. Like others mentioned it is a little noisy compared to a hardtop but nothing crazy in my opinion.
  8. Wife wants a

    Yes, I ordered mine at 6% (at the time) at Chapman in Horsham PA, as of now I think it’s 10% off MSRP confirm it with them…I can send you contacts if you want.
  9. FCA Affiliate Program Reactivated

    Awesome they gave it to you…see if they adding again lol
  10. Is the JL generation history in the making?

    The only real NA engines that will be a collector item are V8, V10 V12…
  11. FCA Affiliate Program Reactivated

    @Quadjeeper definitely check into this!!
  12. 2022 Wrangler 392 10% OFF MSRP @dealerinsider

    Drove mine down than did the PPF/Paint Correction/Coating when I got back plus the vinyl graphics
  13. 2022 Wrangler 392 10% OFF MSRP @dealerinsider

    Honestly was, he's retired and stays at our second home, so this was a neat bonding since we both love jeeps and this one has the V8 I got his genuine reaction when he heard the V8 roar life (true PA cold start)
  14. 2022 Wrangler 392 10% OFF MSRP @dealerinsider

    My Dad and I drove 17 hrs to chapman and then I drove back with the 392. Saved so much money that way, but I had a trade so worked in my favor.
  15. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Ah, I’m here for the New Years in Gatlinburg, thought I missed a cool event.
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    When was this we weee there a few days ago.
  17. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    Bronco does look appealing but the Wrangler is quirky with its driving dynamics and is one of the few vehicles rocking the solid axles!!
  18. Trail Recon: 10 things Bronco has that the Jeep Wrangler needs

    Soft top that doesn’t have more waves than the ocean