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  1. So how stupid would this look?

    not near as stupid as having a grumper...
  2. any1 run Rusty's rear bumper?

    obligatory monthly bump in the hopes someone has some first hand experience now...
  3. Today is 4XE Lift / Wheel / Tire day!!!

    is that the speaker for the artificial noise it needs to create so folks can hear it coming when in electric mode?
  4. 4xe vs 392 - Quick Comparison

    I'm pretty sure you can comfortably ignore any input regarding vehicle choice from someone that openly admits to owning a PT Cruiser...
  5. Today is 4XE Lift / Wheel / Tire day!!!

    very curious to hear what this does to your electric range... very heavy wheels and tires you're putting on there, so this should be on the far end of reduction for going to 37s. I'm considering same lift, but much lighter wheels (method 703s) and tires (KO2s).
  6. 4xe back seat mounting: same as standard JL? Compatible with Armorlite flooring?

    Just got word from @Armorlite Kail : "Good news, we got our hands on a 4XE. We were able to take a floor and trim it to fit, and we will be soon offering this as an option.
  7. any1 run Rusty's rear bumper?

    hoping someone has one now, and might be able to provide a review... For how popular their tire carrier is, I'm shocked that I can't find a single person that's gone with their rear.
  8. Portable Air Compressors

    find more here:
  9. Portable Air Compressors

    get a 7 pin connector, cut the wires going to the alligator clips on your compressor, insert wires to 7 pin connector. I'm pretty sure there's a more in depth tutorial on here already, but it's about as simple of a mod as possible if you're even minimally electrically savvy.
  10. What devices have you plugged into backseat outlet?

    What happens in San Francisco, stays in San Francisco... eh?
  11. Cherokee L Overland with Trail Rated Package

    Our family is considering a pretty similar combo. I'm going with a wrangler (4xe or 392), and the wife is going with either the Grand Cherokee L or the (Grand?) Wagoneer. She wants something with a 3rd row + creature comforts, and I need our other vehicle to have a higher towing capacity than...
  12. Portable Air Compressors

    The VIAIR unit can be easily modified to hook to your 7pin trailer wiring for power, which is pretty slick.
  13. Wrangler JL Wind Noise

    Surefire fix...
  14. Slipstream compatible with MyTop (fastback if that matters)?

    Haven't seen anyone running this combo, and I'm considering both products. Any idea if these are compatible or not?
  15. Vader Grill on 2020 JL Wrangler

    Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.
  16. Whats coming in 2022?

    Crazy People
  17. Whats coming in 2022?

    'cuz them fake hood vents look SA-WEEEEEEEET with 22s!
  18. Sellable value of brand new take-off Rubi Steel bumpers (front and rear)?

    trying to do an evaluation of what the real $ difference might be if I opted for the 392, and trying to do my due diligence on all the little details like this... I'd be replacing both bumpers, so I'd be able to recoup some $ on the sale of the old ones. Trying to figure out how much would be a...
  19. Battle of the Inner Fenders!

    I'm between the Artec, and Road Armor... my ultimate decision will probably depend on if I go with the Road Armor fender flares or not (also considered a chop kit instead).
  20. Talk me down!!

    That's a BINGO for me living in Colorado. Black leather seats in the dry summer heat here will melt you. The sun up here is a lot more intense than most folks realize. I swore I'd never do black leather seats again after the last car I had with them. Would sweat through the back of my shirt...