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  1. THE FIX FOR LOCKERS: Blinking lights, service axle locker system, lockers wont engage/disengage

    I installed the Z locker OEM cable this weekend (only a 20 second install) and all appears to be working correctly now. The flashing light is no more, the offroad pages and the locker switch seem to be working as you would have hoped from day 1 with lockers engaging and the appropriate indicator...
  2. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    I installed the Z locker OEM yesterday (about a 20 second install) and all appears to be working normally now. Time will tell if this fix is permanent but I hate having to deal with my local Jeep dealership so this was a much better path for me than replacing the rear axel.
  3. THE FIX FOR LOCKERS: Blinking lights, service axle locker system, lockers wont engage/disengage

    I've been chasing this issue for a long time on my 2018 JLUR. I'm thrilled to see this option available and I've ordered one today. Both dealers I have seen on the issue are throwing parts at the problem and want to replace the rear axel. I've upgrade diff covers (no problem to swap) but also...
  4. Lighting wiring from exterior roof top to interior best practices

    I have a rhino rack now installed on my JLUR and I'm mounting rear and side facing KC lights to the rack. I'm struggling with how to route the wiring harness. I've seen reference to people using a grommet like this one...
  5. Gommet or Freedom panel routing for roof lighting

    I am finally installing a rhino rack this weekend and I'm adding a few light options. For both the driver and passenger sides I'll be installing a KC 2" C-Series C2 LED flood; I may install a pair per side but I want to see how much light is being thrown with a single light first. For rear...
  6. Round 2 Wrangler JLUR - Sport, Sahara or Rubicon

    While I like my JLUR, I do feel like I learned a lot about how I drive it, how I use it and what's important to me. It has been a great choice and I don't regret it. That said, the "learnings" have been a little pricey and I feel like given another chance, I might start with a lower end model...
  7. Round 2 Wrangler JLUR - Sport, Sahara or Rubicon

    I have a 2019 JLUR and love it. I've upgrade tires to 35s, added a 2" lift, winch, upgraded drive shafts and differential, upgrade rock rails, bellypan, diff covers, upgrade lower control arms and LCA skid... I'm sure I'm forgetting about a few things. These upgrades have me thinking, if I was...
  8. Northridge4x4 Black Friday Sale is ON!

    Will the ARB discounts and promotions apply to the twin portable unit? It doesn’t show it there today.
  9. Issue Bulletin: Shimmy Felt in Front End - Jan 31 2019 Star case # S1819000004

    What's the consensus on after market upgrades? Teraflex? Fox? Others?
  10. JLU Rubicon Auto: 35" and 37" - Regearing Math

    How does this change for a manual rubicon. I’m running 35s on the stock 4.10 right now. I’m upgrading to 37s soon and plan to regear next week to 4.88. Thoughts?
  11. For Noobs...what have you learned

    Yeah 12-13 MPG is very much average. If I remove the top it drops even further.
  12. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I've seen the cut out version and like it. The LED backup lights are what's needed. I can live with news coming in a few weeks.
  13. For Noobs...what have you learned

    The JLUR is my first Jeep. It's not my first vehicle by a long shot but as I've learned a Jeep isn't just a's an addiction. I've been down the performance hole with german cars in the past but this is a new experience and the fall into world of upgrades is much deeper/longer fall...
  14. JL Rubicon Axles

    What price did you end up selling them for? I am in similar position where I am going to a Dana 60 Ultimate soon.
  15. Dometic CFX-40W Fridge

    Have you ever owned a ARB fridge? How are you finding the Dometic as a comparison?
  16. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Any hint you can provide as to when we can get a rear bumper with tire cutout plus light cube cutouts like the JK?
  17. 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door JLU ORDER GUIDE and PRICING (U.S.)

    No diesel is disappointing. I guess FCA could wait to make a bigger marketing splash about the diesel and then add it as an option...Fingers crossed.
  18. Where are you installing your Hi-Lift 60"

    I would like a simple mount on the reinforced tire carrier like with the JK. It seems like waiting 8+ months for an aftermarket for a simple bracket is a long wait for seems to be "an easy mod" for the JK alignment.
  19. Vibration at HWY Speeds

    I wouldn't say it's harmonic in nature. The vibration and the corresponding noise increases around 45mph and seems to slightly decline around 70mph. I'm taking it up to the dealer tomorrow to see if we can drop the rear drive shaft and test drive a little. I think the dealer is looking for the...