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  1. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    I can’t seem to get mine out of the oil and refresh mode. Temperatures in northern Wisconsin are all over the place right now and sometimes I’m in electric but then it kicks on. Here is the best kicker. I’m driving 34 minutes twice a day right now, so hypothetically should be clearing that code...
  2. Any reason for the limited color options on the 4xe Rubicon?

    This 100%. I have a 21 hella yella 4xe and you wouldn’t think the colors look good together but they do. I get compliments on it all the time. Can’t speak for all colors however.
  3. Post your coldest cold starts!

    Single digit starts here in Wisconsin, no issues. However the oil and gas refresh mode has been on and off non stop over the last month. Sometimes I can run electric, but so far 80-90% of my driving on the last month is all on the ICE engine. This is even with long trips over 30 minutes, etc. I...
  4. Wisconsin Sold — Rubicon take offs 33 inch tires and wheels

    Sorry, they are not. Updated post
  5. New Shoes - Let's See Them!

    This exact setup on mine, however color matched to hellayella.
  6. Whatcha name your Jeep?

    honestly it’s been great, haven’t seen any defects at all, only thing I could say is I’ve seen some, almost green tint on the back homes of the tailgate. Not sure if it’s just pollen, or ? Very fine and only where the metals join. I’ve since upgraded the tailgate hinge so I don’t see it anymore...
  7. Whatcha name your Jeep?

    I have a hellayella 4xe. After lots of options, we settled on Louie. As in Louie the lightning bug from the old electric commercials.
  8. Wisconsin Sold — Rubicon take offs 33 inch tires and wheels

    BFG KO2s -qty 5 only 5k miles Tires and wheels with factory TPM still installed. Only 5k miles on them, spare never used. 1500$ or OBO. located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pickup only please.
  9. Any Labor Day sales for a Warn winch??

    I have that setup, you won’t need a fair lead of you go with the Warn winch mount unless your looking for something different. I bought my winch off Amazon, applied for the credit card, so got 150$ off the top with that and then 5% cash back. It was totally worth it. Wasn’t on sale though. so...
  10. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    They are. The shop said it was the first time they ever did them in this color. I was super impressed with the way they came out. Of all the options for wheels out there, I specifically wanted the beadlock capable ones with the ring to have them color matched. not going to lie but have totally...
  11. Front Bumper Any Different on 4xe Rubicon vs. Rubicon?

    I was able to install my Warn winch with no issues. I used the Warn winch mount that is recommended for all JLURs as well. Nothing I saw was different. Of course this was also with the stock Rubicon steel bumper s as well.
  12. Welp...Nacho and Hella are done

    I love my HellaYella 4xE. Now it’ll even be more unique. 😁 nacho is interesting but not for me.
  13. Looking for some advice - Tires

    Hi all, Looking at changing out my tires.....sounds like I have a pair of options to choose from. Both 35 inch and I do moderate trail riding. 1. Toyo Open Country A/T 2. BFGoodrich KO2s I was hoping for Falkens, but they are backordered until who knows when. I have the stock BFGs now, but...
  14. Identify the part

    Almost looks like a part of the seatbelt guide.
  15. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    My best one was….. “nice…is that like a renegade or something?” replied, no…. It’s a Rubicon. lol
  16. Service Hybrid Electrical Vehicle System

    sorry to hear that this is happening to you. It turned out my issue was all caused by a bent pin in the door harness from taking the doors off and on, but I found a ton of information here….. Seems like...
  17. Ordered My 4XE Yesterday

    Congrats. People ask me how I feel about my 4xe vs my JK rubicon and I always tell them, don’t regret it at all. It’s just fun to drive b
  18. Stock Rubicon 4XE air down

    I did 17 last time I was out with no issues either. I won’t go below 15 however.