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  1. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Contact uconnect directly. That’s what I did If you call Jeep corporate they will forward you to them. I did not deal with the dealership other than they confirmed unit was delaminated, Uconnect ordered a replacement, one dealership received replacement unit I took Jeep in to get it replaced.
  2. cooltech tow harness causing dead battery

    I have a 2018 JLUR and was one of the first people to install the cooltec harness in 2018. I have never had any issues until my recent trip. -Towed for 7 hours on the way there and Jeep battery dead…jumped it and drove it all week on the trip. -Towed for 7 hours on the way home and Jeep...
  3. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    This is a known issue with the uconnect 8.4. My 2018 JLU was out of warranty but since it was a known common defect. The delaminating screen-mine started in the top left screen and would grow. Uconnect/Jeep replaced the entire unit. Jus had it done a few weeks ago at the dealership at no charge.
  4. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    Finally. I am going to go with these. The stock door nets are one of the biggest jokes. Thanks for posting info. Either gloss black or textured black. Can someone post photos of these two color options if you get.
  5. Hellwig Swaybar - Best Mod Yet

    Same here. Class C RV drove like garbage on the Freeway. After I installed these on the RV . Night and day difference.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I agree. Been searching for a while. This is the route I would like to go.
  7. I just need to know… is it a Jeep thing?

    Yes-could be it. I have had that before. I wipe down rubber weather strip all around the rear glass. No longer an issue.
  8. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    Yep Mopar beadlocks stick out a bit more. No rub - been on the Rubicon and aired down to 8psi on the Pismo dunes just ripping it…still no rub
  9. The infamous bubbling paint around door hinges questions

    Can you assist and point me where it says the paint is covered under warranty for 5 years on a 2018 JLU. Bubbles are stating to show after 3 years. Always garaged, in central CA. and only 16,500 miles on it. So sad.
  10. Rugged Ridge JL Tube Doors Installed! *PIC*

    Thanks for the tip on the white lenses. Got the doors on. I like them/the looks. Silver to match might be nice some day.
  11. Rugged Ridge JL Tube Doors Installed! *PIC*

    I have the Quadratec Tube Doors. Ordered them in March and just got them. They also have a good powder coat. I want to paint them Billet Silver to match. Just might run them black for a while.
  12. Rugged Ridge JL Tube Doors Installed! *PIC*

    Tube doors getting delivered. Anybody use the Mopar spray paint to paint your tube doors. If so can you show some pics. Or cost paid to paint 4 tube doors. Thanks
  13. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    I had to chime in. Two different vehicles with some similar features. I have owned 3 wranglers over the past 27 years. Also grew up with the family 1978 Cj 7 Laredo(Dad’s). We also had a 1979 Bronco(Mom’s) -both sweet,black on black, each had their pros/cons and both very fun. The funny thing...
  14. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    Need 2 inch lift minimum on a rubicon- for no rub.
  15. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    Love the BFG M/Ts. I have been running them for 25 + years on multiple Jeep’s/trucks…Never an issue
  16. 37x12.5 on Mopar Beadlocks?

    I have the Mopar factory beadlock wheels with 37"x12.5" in true beadlock configuration . No wheel spacers needed.. I have a 2 inch lift on my 2018 JLU Rubicon. The rims had a reasonable off set. I air them down to 8psi and still no rub. They are sweet.
  17. So you think you want beadlock wheels... sample of cost, time, efforts required

    I put beadlocks on earlier this year on my 2018JLU. I really like them and being able to air down to 8 psi or lower. Just got back from the Pismo dunes and just shedded the dunes( rear lockers in hi & low on)with confidence … the Jeep also just floated across the dunes. I mean these JL’s cost...
  18. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Also added a front camera. Love it can you see where I put it rather than in my grill. I can now see everything I can not see from the drivers seat
  19. Uconnect 8.4 Screen Delamination

    Crazy. I was able to buff out all that delimitation garbage with a soft cloth and invisible glass cleaner. I think the delimitation was funky coating they put on to make the screen a bit glossy. It has more of a flat look now rather than glossy. BUT LOOKS GREAT NOW.. see hardy..see photos.