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  1. Totaled my JL

    Glad you are ok!
  2. Skyjacker Quick Disconnect for JL Sport

    I have the SkyJacker 2.5” m95 dual rate coil spring lift. I too am interested in this thread,(it’s getting old now). The lift is really good, but I haven’t jumped on their disco’s yet. Has anyone on here❓
  3. Willys and Freedom Edition Return to Wrangler (JL) for 2020

    My Toyo MT’s we’re unstoppable on any surface, to include snow, ice, refrozen melted snow, and sun melting an ice covered road. So your blanket statement is inaccurate. The Firestone MT’s may well get you launched into a ditch or a house, but the Toyo’s won’t.
  4. Wait, this isn't the mall. Saharas off road

    Mechanically a Sahara is equivalent to a sport? Right? I Unless the buyer chose the full time all wheel drive option. So I expected much more built, (lifted/big tire etc), Jeeps I’m here...
  5. Forgot about the Discount

    Sounds like something I would do. Can’t hurt to ask them after the fact. Have you already received your parts❓
  6. Temporary Tailgate removal to transport some stuff

    ....I’d tie it in place. If it’s not too far this could be the answer. I wouldn’t remove it, that could lead to alignment issues. That could get expensive quick. Good Luck
  7. Missouri WTB - JLU Mojito Top

    There are two new mojito jeeps in Conway AR, with color matched tops. Pretty loaded up jeeps if I remember though. Superior CDJR
  8. Tennessee Takeoff Bumpers & Rubi Rails from 2018 JLUR

    Where in Tennessee are you located?
  9. Electrical issues first time off road

    We have 7400 miles many off road, no issues at all. Rest pic.
  10. Pypes Cat-Back Stubby Exhuast

    Down for the video clip. Can you include some, start stop, like at a stop sign, etc? Thanks for the review.
  11. Anyone regret getting 20 inch wheels? has an option to put in your make and model etc. Then you can choose to go to 20” wheels. Then it will give you tires to choose from. Each tire has a description, plus buyers reviews.
  12. steering issue on 2018 Rubicon - vids attached

    Some of it is recirculating ball, vs rack and pinion, steering. The taller the tire the more it seems pronounced to me.
  13. Rubicon Red dash panel swap

    I have grey dash panels and would love to meet up with some folks that have red. We could swap at the same time. I’m in central Arkansas. Thanks
  14. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    This is my first post. I have made a few comments. We, the wife and I, have been lurking for months. We got our first Jeep on March 29, 2019. It’s a Granite Crystal JLUSS, with tech pak, limited slip, slush mats, 2.0/auto, and Freedom Top. Love the drive train❗️ I can’t believe we waited...
  15. 2020 Ram 1500's new EcoDiesel horsepower and torque revealed

    I’m in. I just hope the window sticker price premiered is reasonable.
  16. Tennessee For Sale - Premium Soft Top, NIB

    Is this still available
  17. Kentucky Rock rails

    Are you willing to meet in Jonesboro AR?