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  1. 2022 Rear Side Impact Airbags

    Saw on another thread that Jeep is going in this direction for 2022. What are the odds of Jeep Introducing this awesome safety feature?
  2. Resale Values - Which one holds value between Rubicon and Sahara?

    Good morning Jeepers, In terms of value retention. Which Trim hold their value the best in terms of depreciation between a Fully loaded Sahara or a Fully Loaded Rubicon? Please chime in with your experience and what you guys have seen!
  3. 2022 Orders Banks Open Up When?

    Hi all my Jeep Enthusiasts, I’m debating whether or not to order a 2021 Jeep Rubicon or Wait for the 2022 production year for resale value and possibly get more features. does anyone have an idea when could we expect jeep to announce the 2022? From what I read Jeep usually starts taking order...
  4. 2022 Wrangler Orders

    which dealers? I live in NYC none of the Jeep NJ dealers were going under msrp.
  5. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    For all the previous posts who argued why even bothered getting a Rubicon for little off-roading. There is also a nicer, more sporty look to a Rubicon. So it's just the utility but also the looks that come with it. I totally agree with you- I think Jeep's move is based on pure defensive...
  6. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    Damn bro, we are in the same spot lol . The problem is that I need a car by no later than October. Otherwise I would just wait until the orders open back up for the regular V6 no extreme recon package. Does anyone have pictures of how the Xtreme Recon will look like on a Rubicon. Another thing...
  7. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    Thank you for the prompt response and for actually bringing up some possible solutions. I am getting the fully loaded Sahara for about 50k and sticker it’s about 57K which is 12% off the sticker and 6% of the invoice price. Maybe I will take my chances of getting that one to later on get the...
  8. Jeep Rubicon Order - Xtreme Package Mandatory?

    Hi Everyone I’m looking forward to owning my first Jeep. Finally went to put an order for a fully loaded Jeep Rubicon and the dealer comes back to tell me that Jeep is making it mandatory to order the Xtreme Recon Package. That package for me it’s an over kill since I’m barely going to take it...