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  1. How far can you move the keys from your Jeep with it running?

    Maybe this is why the cooling fan is so damn loud! To let you know it's still running!
  2. CarPlay not allowing access to contacts, or even the PHONE DIALER!!!

    I agree however apple doesnt play nice with others. I switched to android and android auto is much better . Plus it doesnt shrink the screen size. My wife has an iPhone and I haven't seen any of the issues you mentioned. Best of luck!
  3. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Wifey went topless in the Great White today!
  4. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    I have the beamtech bulbs with the same results. Was amazed at the difference for only $40. Totally worth it and had them installed in 30min
  5. Pro Comp 4in lift ???

    I'm curious about this lift as well.
  6. Anyone use Beamtech H13, 10k lumen hi/lo 9008 bulb in Halogen housing

    We have them in our 18 JLU and they are plug and play. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Worth the $40 all day
  7. How high can I lift and fit in garage???

    Measure the height of your jeep stock. Add 2" for tires and add the size of your lift. Then subtract that from the height of your garage. Did this for my truck and I have 1" to spare. I also live in OK moore. I'd say to round up to be safe. Had my wife stand on a chair as I pulled in to make...
  8. Do I need to re gear my sport s?

    Should have used 4H.
  9. Disengage Engine Stop-Start (ESS)

    Is this true? I disabled my seat belt chime. So I may have to try this out while not wearing a seat belt (in my neighborhood of course)
  10. Best halogen housing led bulb replacement

    We bought beamtech h13 from Amazon for 40$ and damn are they bright. Great light output and no adjustment needed. Highly recommend. Didn't expect this for $40
  11. Monthly Giveaway!

    Registered! Hope to win, but I never won contests
  12. Halogen to LED

    I have the diode switchbacks. Love them. Now need led bulbs for halogen headlights. Also bought oracle color shift halos! Awesome
  13. Spiderwebshade / Alien shade tops: I have some questions

    I bought the spiderweb shade for the wife bc she wanted pink and theirs matched her motif. I like it and no complaints. Alien was definitely less expensive just wasnt the right color for us
  14. Sport, Sport S or Sahara on 37's or larger

    Got the Oracle halos myself love them
  15. Is it true you cannot order a JLU Sport with LED pkg?

    I bought LED switchback replacement bulbs from diode dynamics for $70. Pretty happy with that