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  1. Advice on creaking and gaps

    It’s definitely the rear glass, freedom panels don’t affect it
  2. Advice on creaking and gaps

    Looking to see if this is normal or not. I’ve been dealing with excessive creaking from the rear window. Tried loosening bolts, moving the hardtop around, nothing works and it gets progressively worse. Extremely loud at this point. I noticed a weird gap on the right side (see images) is this normal?
  3. Car(makers) trends you hate the most

    Replacing quality interior design/knobs/materials with massive cheap touchscreens and eliminating every physical control.
  4. Car and Driver trashes the 4xe

    The big thing for me was the power, throw this thing into 4wd auto and it has some serious kick. I don't think anyone is buying the 4xE expecting electric car range, it's simply a more efficient/more powerful wrangler powertrain. It is kinda clunky if you're stepping on it, definitely needs work...
  5. Remote Start for the 4XE worth it?

    Didn't see anyone say this, but if you have some charge the 4xE remote start only turns on the battery. So effectively it's the same as the "pre-heat/pre-cool" function people are mentioning.
  6. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Excellent choice! Black interior, nothing too exciting haha
  7. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    The Sahara doesn't come with those unfortunately :( only the High Altitude and Rubicon I am thinking about painting them, kind of want the look
  8. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Just picked up this new beauty, absolutely in love with it! Shockingly smooth ride, love the plug-in hybrid setup.
  9. Floor mats for the 4xE

    Appreciate all the advice!
  10. Floor mats for the 4xE

    Just picked up a new sahara 4xE yesterday, and immediately I know I want some floor mats. I hear that the rear section of the 4xE is different and so even the mopar ones don’t fit right? Any 4xE owners with a recommendation here?
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Window sticker updated today and now I'm getting that it's delivered to the dealer already! Super quick turn-around ordered 6/8.