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  1. Alternator upgrade for winches?

    Have no future plans to NEED to use it but want to be prepared for emergencies. One thing I will never intentionally do is rock crawl or anything too extreme. Obviously don't want to throw money away but also don't want to hurt the battery but I appreciate the advice and will make note of it...
  2. Alternator upgrade for winches?

    No tow package but stock alternator I'd rated at 180amps according to my spec sheet.
  3. Alternator upgrade for winches?

    Has anyone bothered to upgrade their alternators or the big 3 wiring to help minimize beating up their battery? I was checking out Js alternators and was thinking of upgrading to a 390amp alternator. That would handle anything you threw at it and me being an electrician I just feel like more...
  4. SCENIC offroading in Philly/DC area?

    There's Rausch Creek in Maple Grove, PA. Need a partner or a guide.
  5. Any benefit to connecting Bluetooth if using Carplay?

    Honestly the Insane Audio JL3001 that I have uses a USB A and we just run a cable out from there. Wife's apple connects wireless to carplay and mine uses cord. Both sound great now so we didn't need the dongle. That was going to be my fix if I didn't get the sound fixed. That or a grenade.
  6. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Sounds great. They do sell the speakers in different configurations. With amps, without amps and the like. And their instructions were phenomenal.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Will have installed? It's showing up today....
  8. Any benefit to connecting Bluetooth if using Carplay?

    So after doing a bunch of digging around online and scheduling a call from engineering from Insane Audio I figured it out. The JL3001 head unit comes factory defaulted to amplifier off which means my remote wire which I tied into my preamp remote wasn't functioning. So when I was using BT audio...
  9. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    You have all that gear and you're swapping stock speakers? I really hope you had the badass system on your JK. when I did my swap on the JL we went with that MB Quart set up that was designed to be an OEM direct replacement(ish). So as I was swapping speakers none of the oem were really marked...
  10. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Sweet and congrats on the head and the 392. You have to be doing backflips waiting. Anything I can do to help you out just ask away. Doubt you'll have any issues after hearing what I needed to do. But you can always hit me up for advice if necessary.
  11. Illinois Insane Audio with Doors Off

    There is a setting in the car settings. Blue steering wheel. You have to set the turn off to acc+no doors. The alternative option is acc+doors which is the default.
  12. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    I thought you said you had it in already and it was draining your battery?
  13. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Finally awesome sound. It was that canbus setting in Factory settings where amplifier is defaulted to off. I'm guessing that they do that in case the little cap they use comes off there isn't a 12v+ hanging loose. So now all of my audio sounds awesome and is loud when I need it to be (doors and...
  14. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    As I was fiddling around again today I found a video of something I missed. The Aux jack has 2 male/female rca plugs that I'm pretty sure I didn't mate. I had just assumed they were literally for an aux input, not THE 3.5mm aux in jack on the dash. So I will fix it obviously but I'm annoyed with...
  15. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    It's honestly a bit funny you saying the documentation needs work. I got one teeny tiny card showing the back of the unit. I'm an electrician by trade and am used to things having prints or schematics. I have installed radios before in cars and amplifiers and all kinds of different things...
  16. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Thinking I may have finally figured out what the trouble is. The remote wire doesn't seem to be sending a signal when I use the head apps or the android/carplay. Apparently there is a setting under canbus in Factory settings where I have to turn it on. I just love paying lots of money for things...
  17. Insane Audio JL3001 9" HU

    I added MB Quart aftermarket JL designed speaker/ amp package no sub. Sounds awesome with Bluetooth with JL3001 but for some reason sounds muffled when over either carplay or android auto. Wife uses wireless carplay and I use wired android auto. Either way the audio just doesn't compete with the...
  18. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Can I ask how you use it mostly? I like the idea of plugging my phone in to charge and having android audio connect but the sound becomes muffled and just terrible. I'm going to Hotspot tonight and run waze and pandora or Bluetooth audio off the head. Is that typically how people run their...
  19. Auto Start/Stop re-starts during stop

    I just hit the bypass button. 🤷‍♂️
  20. Any benefit to connecting Bluetooth if using Carplay?

    I have not tried a different cord. Probably the only cords I have are from amazon. When my wife had used that carplay head cord with her apple she noticed the sound was reduced as well. She has official lightning cords from apple. After messing with a few system volume settings last night her...