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  1. 392 Oil Temp

    392's installed in a car chassis use a oil to water cooler. I dont have my 392 yet ,but I would assume its the same. 245 is getting up there and conventional oil will start to break down at that temp. A top tier synthetic can take that temp on a consistant basis, but I would still prefer it to...
  2. Something odd about 392 xtreme recon quoted performance stats ...

    I tend to believe the CD numbers. The 4.56's are a like using a longer prybar to move something heavy vs a shorter one, Its much easier to do. Especially when you apply the 392's torque, fulltime 4wd( essential no tire spin), the speed limiter being raised (so your not bouncing off the...
  3. Where can I get this made into a decal?

    You could purchase the plate as suggested and then use 3M emblem adhesive tape on the back to stick it on the dash.
  4. TUSCADERO Jeep Wrangler exterior color now open for limited availability ordering ($395 MSRP) + First real-life photos!

    I agree! Just ordered a 392 XR in Tuscadero for my wife. Think it will be cool to have a different color. I plan on drving it evey chance I get.
  5. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Called Jeep, Couldn't get an intelligent life form, customer service rep said “it’s no longer available and cancelled” But she said the bright side was I could still get a Jeep. Can’t fix stupid! 🤪 Shortly after, I spoke to my dealer again and they had just heard back from the rep. The XR...
  6. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Eailer today, I tried to order a 392 with the XR package. Watched as my dealer checked off the boxes in the system, It wouldnt allow the XR package to be chosen. They have a call into their rep for an explanation. Anyone have any insight?
  7. Jeep JL fire issue from 2.0L Turbo 4 fixed with cloth heat shield over battery

    Took this picture of mine this weekend. Looks like a cloth heat shield to me, similar to a product made by Design Engineering.
  8. New Rubicon 2.0 CEL

    My thought as well. You can see where the plastic is polished on the end of the nipple. Most likely the installer never put it on far enough to engage the lock on the fitting. The vibration from use allowed the oring inside the fitting to polish the end before falling off.
  9. New Rubicon 2.0 CEL

    The evap system doesn’t constantly check itself for leaks so it wouldn’t happen instantly. From what I could find for information on this forum, The system checks for a leak at 3/4 of tank and at 1/4 of a tank for fuel. Makes sense since it was at just below 3/4 when the light came on.
  10. New Rubicon 2.0 CEL

    Hi, I’m a new to the forum, but not Jeep having had few wagoneers and two TJ’s. Wife wanted a new JL so we bought a 2.0 Rubicon on Friday the 28 th. So far we love it, put over 450 miles on it already. I’ve read a lot of stuff on here and thought I would share what I found etc. in hopes it will...