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  1. URGENT, Vehicle damaged before delivery, Advice needed

    Go to a good paintless dent removal guy. I know the hood is aluminim, which may throw a wrench into it, but this is not a bad dent at all, no creases. On a steel hood it would be a simple fix if they know what they're doing, it's worth asking.
  2. XM Radio subscription discount?

    $5 a month is about as low as they go. I just call when the subscriptions expire and tell them I'll keep going for $5 a month and they always do it.
  3. Audio Controls Behind Steering Wheel

    Wow, I've had the setup on four vehicles and never thought of any of the problems you guys are having. lol Back in the day I had to crank my windows up and down and turn a knob to find a decent station. I think the buttons on my steering wheel that control the 400 channels of CD quality music...
  4. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Ordered the satin black grille from the dealer and swapped it out when we got home. Part 82215114, worked perfectly.
  5. What is this thing?

    Bunch of clowns on here. This is actually the power adjustment for the microwave in the center console. Heating a burrito too fast makes it lava on the outside and "oops-I-didn't-mean-to-agree-with-you-when-you-said-you-looked-fat-in-those-pants" cold in the middle. About 60% is the sweet spot...
  6. Pretty wicked windshield rock damage in the first week

    Honestly, I'd consider myself lucky that that boulder didn't hit 6 inches to the left or above. Glass is way easier to repair than paint and metal!
  7. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Picked her up and got her home last night. Admiral Obvious took about 10 minutes after that to start modifications. :D
  8. 5.5 inch Lift kit with 37 tires

    I'm with everyone else. DO whatcha want, it's your Jeep! That said, if you want a monster truck, which is what it sounds like you're going for, get an old squarebody Chevy and lift the hell out of that thing, put on some 44's etc. If you build your Jeep as described, prepare to take a few jabs...
  9. 5.5 inch Lift kit with 37 tires

    Yeah, that’s why I said usually. I figured there had to be some reason that it might be right for someone. Getting super high to clear some sweet dub-dubs probably isn’t one of them. Lol
  10. Factory Alpine speaker impedance

    Great info, thank you! The unbalanced sound makes sense since it’s replacing a 4 ohm with a 3 ohm. It’s going to be louder just due to that. Thanks!
  11. 5.5 inch Lift kit with 37 tires

    You will certainly have the coolest Jeep at the Mall. Body lift is a terrible idea in general, usually. Double body lift is at least twice as bad of an idea.
  12. Factory Alpine speaker impedance

    I've searched and searched for this, but I cannot find it anywhere. Can someone put a multimeter on the factory installed 3.5 speakers from an Alpine equipped JL and advise what the impedance is? I have seen that many people are installing the Infinity reference speakers, but I'm curious as to...
  13. Doing a cheap miata challenge with some friends

    This sounds super fun. Where are the events located?
  14. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    Ordered 9/11, arrived at the dealer yesterday (10/15) and awaiting pickup.
  15. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Update, she's at the dealer as of last night. :D
  16. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Rubicon 2 door here. Basically all of the options except steel bumpers. Both safety groups, premium soft top. Ocean Blue. I'm going to wear out the refresh button on my email app checking for emails from my dealer!
  17. Post your 2020 JL build status

    We're also in the waiting game. Ordered 9/11, dealer says it's been on the way to him for like 2 weeks, and it only needs to go like 500 miles. :/
  18. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    If it's the 2.0 turbo, my understanding is that the turbo is water cooled, so it heats up the coolant extremely quickly. Thus, near-instant heat since that's where the heater gets it's heat.