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  1. Service 4wd Message

    i had this today for the first time too. It then went on to tell me sway bar disconnect unavailable, then it flashed between serv 4wd and sway bar. I was only driving in rain in 2wd tho. I got home, turned it off, let it sit for a couple minutes, turned it back on, no messages, shifted into 4H...
  2. Center Console USB Wonky -- we know that... however... does the latest Uconnect update fix it? Anyone who has gotten the newest update report in?

    FWIW - my 2019 has the same issue. It’s gotten worse in subsequent iOS updates. I can only use it in the media (front) plug now. Following this thread.
  3. ‘22 Colors?

    I agree here, and it's causing me an issue with wanting to upgrade to a '22 XR
  4. Pennsylvania JLU Premium Soft top for sale (twill) used and window storage bag - $1,200- Central / NE PA

    let me know if you’re interested in parting out the soft top. I’m interested in the two side windows and maybe the rear.
  5. Pennsylvania Sold

    Also interested in the bumpers

    Are there any install videos? I had a set of another brand and decided not to go for it because of the pain of the install. I am a nuts bots and screws type of person and I thought I had read tape was required to hold up the new ones.
  7. Name that part - it needs to go back home

    thanks that was it, just slides on and off much much easier than the others, but it’s held on for a week now so, I’ll just keep an eye on it.
  8. Name that part - it needs to go back home

    Thanks, this was it. Now my next question, it slides on and off very easily. It’s clearly going to come off again. I think gluing it on would make changing the blade impossible, do I just leave it on and hope for the best? I guess I could ask the dealer at inspection next month. thanks again
  9. Name that part - it needs to go back home

    I noticed a small piece of plastic (about the size of a quarter) loose in the driverside vent where the wiper connect. It doesn't seem to have broken, but I don't know where it came from. The number on the piece is 88775-163 2 and it has >PA 66< also on it. Any ideas?
  10. 7" Uconnect won't allow AM or FM access

    This just started happening, the same thing happens when I press the steering wheel buttons. I can only change between my phone and SiriusXM. The problem continues after powering off the vehicle and back on. I can access other apps, such as climate, etc. I'll disconnect/reconnect the battery...
  11. LED Headlight disassembly

    Looks great, but can you elaborate on what you did on mounting the LED that you figured out on your own?
  12. New Jersey Rubicon Steel Bumper with extras for sale

    Also interested, in bumper and guard
  13. I no longer have the Fever

    I have not, I will be taking it in at the end of the month for the first oil change and will ask them to take a look then. It's not something that will likely happen at the shop, if I took the mechanic for a ride along in my commute to work, they'd be sure to experience it. Will still ask to...
  14. Pennsylvania and lights

    According to the document in the link it looks like it did.
  15. I no longer have the Fever

    I also have this problem with the 7 inch system(don’t know if that’s alpine or not). I resent the signal from the SiriusXM website and it helped slightly but still sucks. My Tundra and my wife’s Legacy are far better at reception than the JL. I searched for this and found several forums where...
  16. Pennsylvania and lights

    This was amended and took effect this past March.
  17. Soft tops - To lock or to unlock that is the question

    Thanks for all the responses. I have been taking the locked route, less so when the top and/or doors are off but I can’t help but wonder if additional changes take place in the computer when you ‘arm’ it from the fob. I already have what some others (on another thread) coined the millennial...
  18. Quake LED with Another Killer Release! : Jeep JL Fender Chop Kit with DRL & Switchback Turn Signals

    Let me know when the low profile #993 are available :like:
  19. What is this (Came with my Jeep)

    Good cover up :facepalm::giggle: