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  1. California WTT JL 2DR Soft Top for Hard Top

    Looking to trade my soft top with raingler cargo net and window bag for a hard top. Doesn’t have to be in perfect condition but no cracks or physical damage. Soft top is in pretty good shape (no holes or tears) but the windows do have some branch scuffs/scratches on them in the right light...
  2. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I put 80 off-road miles on my disconnected Autolynx on Sunday and they worked great. Being able to hop out in the pitch dark of 5:30am and flip the knobs in 10 seconds then get back in was worth the relatively high price. Then after a long day of hunting to not have to get underneath the Jeep...
  3. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    I just put my doors ON for the first time since early March because of all this smoke!
  4. Galaxy's Edge Overland Bins at Disneyland

    You could just...use your gear...
  5. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Reposting these because all this beautiful country just got torched by the Dixie Fire, this is Humbolt Summit :crying:
  6. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    When the top and doors are off I've started using 32nrr earplugs on long trips (30+ minutes). I noticed that I am much less fatigued and enjoy the ride more. Especially if the road is concrete or has sound walls/jersey barriers that reflect the noise back at you. in particular, big rig tires...
  7. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Any earlier than mid-June and you risk snow blocking your path in some areas. Some years the road through Lassen Park hasn't opened until July. July or August would be pretty nice.
  8. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Lassen BDT connects to Plumas BDT and close to the Tahoe BDT, so you can take it from I80 near Tahoe all the way to Lassen if you are so inclined
  9. Metal Cloak 2.5" Game Changer Lift Installed and First Impression: Great

    Did you get the upgraded driveshaft like they recommend?
  10. Lighting with Amber/Yellow Removable Covers

    I am looking to upgrade my aux lighting and really like lights that have amber/yellow covers that are easy to clip on/off depending on conditions. I don't want to mess with screws and opening up lights to replace lenses. Currently am using old (10+ year) set of Rigid Dually's with amber covers...
  11. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I got a chance to exercise the Autolynx a bit today. First, my Jeep is not a rock crawler so absolute max articulation is rarely needed. Lots of fire roads and narrow switchbacks/trails though. 2018 Sport with Rubi suspension and 33” MT Rubi wheel/tire take offs. I accidentally ordered the...
  12. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    Thanks, I put the logo forward on the drivers side but backwards on the passenger because I wanted the knob to rotate towards the tire not inside towards the fender liner.
  13. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    In the middle of my install and something doesn’t seem right, 2018 JL sport with the OEM sway bar. When I tighten the lower bolts the upper bolt is ~1.5” away from the sway bar on both sides, so if I tighten the upper it’s going to bend the Autolynx 5-7 degrees inboard. Is this how others look...
  14. Anyone with a painted hard top in a different color than the body?

    Does anyone have a painted hard top in a different color from the body? I have a soft top but saw a few deals on painted hard tops in various colors, and was looking for photos before committing. I have a white JL and think granite crystal might look pretty good.
  15. CO2 Tank Fill Locations

    For those of us that use a CO2 tank, it can be difficult to find places that will fill your personal tank instead of wanting to swap it with a pre-filled one. I have found these two places to be the best in the Sacramento area and conveniently on the way up to the Tahoe area if you realize on...
  16. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    Thanks for posting this, I placed an order with SS-Exhaust last week and was wondering why it had not shipped. I called today and they don't actually have it in stock and don't know when they will get it. So I cancelled since they had already charged my card without any disclaimer on the...
  17. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    I've had really good luck over the years, not this time :LOL:
  18. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    Thanks for the help everyone but turns out this seller is unhinged and I won't be buying the setup. We were texting back and forth and he called me, but I couldn't answer because I was on a work call. Then he went off the rails, so beware anyone else that sees this deal on craigslist. Not...
  19. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    No control arms? My caster is already low with the rubi take offs and would be terrible with another 2" Interesting, I was comparing with Metalcloak 2.5" lift and they recommend a new FRONT driveshaft. you think I would need both front and rear? That seems like overkill for only 35"s. "...