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  1. How Can We Help?

    Hi Mopar Parts! I need some help. I purchased (used) the rear cargo Mopar matt for my jeep. Unfortunately it did not come with the retaining clips that mount into the seat backs. (I think they're permanently installed into the seat.) I believe there are 10 of them but I can't find anywhere...
  2. Light bar that will fit to my factory steel bumper?

    Does anyone have any ideas for a ~36 inch light bar mounted to the factory steel bumper without a bull bar?

    I have these guys and love them. Have my outdoor gear stored and out of the way. One of the best upgrades I made. . . .
  4. DIY: Sound Deadening/ Weather Stripping JL, JLU and Gladiator Front Doors

    Great idea and video. Thanks for sharing. I'll do it next weekend!
  5. California Mopar Trunk Liner Rubber Mat

    Hi, do you have the installation grommets for it included?
  6. Mopar Cargo Liner Grommets???

    Any luck on this? I need them too!
  7. Buying Cargo Mat Grommets Parts?

    Hey, I'm looking for these mounting grommets too! Anyone have any ideas? Can't find them on eBay now. :-( Got sold a used matt. . . but the seller neglected to tell me that they weren't including grommets. #sadness
  8. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    I’ve had no issues. Live up in the Bay Area so not too hot there. But, Been out in Death Valley this summer. . No issues everything stayed stuck.
  9. Sky One Touch - Overhead Switches

    Watching and interested…..
  10. Grimm Offroad has got the winch plate for you!

    Have a Grimm winch plate and I love it! Very solid and easy install. Great product.
  11. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    I don’t know…. But I called them after reading it and they said you had to have a lift…. It says on their website “recommended” but the guy I talked to said there would be definite contact.
  12. M.O.R.E. Hide a step for JL now available

    Here’s a few pics. I don’t use them myself but my GF does…. I’m very happy with them. Can’t beat the price….
  13. M.O.R.E. Hide a step for JL now available

    Hey John, I don't have a picture handy. . . I'll see if I can snap one this evening. However, you really can't see it when retracted. There is a tiny lip (1/2 inch?) sticking out to grab with your toe. My GF is vertically challenged and this was just the ticket for her. . . . Works great...
  14. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    Hey @Extremneon, curious if you got the gas tank guard? Let me know how your install goes. I'll be curious. Check your exhaust clearance first! So you don't end up installing 2x. LOL. (Wish I had the diesel!)
  15. If there’s a sexier JL belly out there I haven't seen it

    Next Venture also doesn't require a lift. I have it installed on my non-lifted Rubicon. Works great. I have the complete write up here:
  16. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    Lastly, here's a couple of shots of the engine / tranny skid brackets in place. This was pretty straight forward. You need to back out the current bolts that are there and add the ones supplied by NV. Tighten everything down. Anyway, that's it! Overall I am extremely happy with the...
  17. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    Another weirdness that I couldn't figure out was the little bracket that NV included and what it was for. It's to mount the eTorque transfer portion of the skid (basically what runs the coolant lines up high). Those of you who don't have the eTorque can ignore this. I've thrown a video on -...
  18. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    A little more on the gas tank skid install in no particular order. . . . Also, I think I mentioned previously, but I was super concerned about loosing the side "boating" of the stock gas skid to the NV one that didn't have side protection. . for weird stuff like hitting a rock or throwing...
  19. Next Venture JLU Aluminum Belly Skids

    Ok, once you get past the stock gas tank skid plate removal, it gets a boatload easier. Basically you just follow the directions that Next Venture provides. They're pretty self explanatory. . . . I'm dropping a few videos in, some of them are slightly out of order as I had to drop one of my...