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  1. California ***SOLD***Falcon 3.3 (0-1.5”) Lift

    Yes that is how I ran them. I added Synergy 3/4 inch spacers and ran 37’s.
  2. California ***SOLD***Falcon 3.3 (0-1.5”) Lift

    They do but not interested in shipping them plus it be crazy expensive.
  3. California ***SOLD***Falcon 3.3 (0-1.5”) Lift

    I have a lightly used set of Falcon 3.3 shocks. They have less than 600 miles. I went a different direction and ended up selling the Jeep before installing the rest of the parts. They are mint and would like to see the go to a new home. $900
  4. California Lots Of New Synergy Parts

    Sounds good! Shoot me a message.
  5. California Lots Of New Synergy Parts

    Still available make an offer.
  6. California Lots Of New Synergy Parts

    Willing to deal if you want multiple parts.
  7. California Lots Of New Synergy Parts

    All of these parts listed are new unopened and are only available for pick up in Northern California, City of Vacaville. The plan was to run a 1 inch synergy coil lift with the associated parts to make it stout to run 38's as I was running 37" ko2's on stock suspension. I sold my JL and...
  8. California Rubicon Suspension + Mopar Lift LCAs + .5" Teraflex Spacers

    Can you post both lower control arm numbers, they are side specific.
  9. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    I was on rusty nail Monday and Wednesday. It was still there completely intact which I was shocked about.
  10. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    I got to see the wreckage first hand. It's sad to see a vehicle in that condition/position and even sadder about the lady. Any updates on her condition?
  11. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    Well that’s good to hear. I added 315/70r17 ko2’s which I am sure will have some effect to my mileage.
  12. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    260 miles and a week old. 15.1mpg is what’s it’s showing on the dash. I am a little dissapointed but I am absolutely loving the rig. It is leaps and bounds better than my JKUR.
  13. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    I have had the Factor55 for like 7 years on 3 different off road vehicles through Baja and in the rocks. It’s flawless.
  14. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    Delivered yesterday- Warn VR10s Warn winch plate Dana 44 advantek diff covers RK spring corrector Synergy 3/4 front spacer Teraflex nexus steering stab Teraflex Falcon 0-1.5 piggy back shocks Enroute- Mopar winch plate cover Mopar hard top roof rack Mopar 3rd brake light relocation bracket
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What side steps are those? I like that it’s a proper step but it looks like it adds some protection from stuff getting kicked up on the paint. How do you like them?
  16. Which off road lights for my JLUR

    Nobody is producing a light with the quality of BD.