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  1. California Factory Rubicon axles, Synergy Steering, Icon Suspension

    interested in axles and steering components
  2. Upgrading a basic lift kit

    right now I’m running 35x12.5r18 toyo R/T on black rhino wheels. No rubbing made sure I got the proper back spacing 🤘🏾. Honestly right now it doesn’t really matter wife gave me the go ahead to build it however I want it. In the new year I’ll be going with take off rubicon axles
  3. Upgrading a basic lift kit

    hight and ride are both pretty good, would like to get more flex out of it
  4. Upgrading a basic lift kit

    Absolutely, this is the kit I got
  5. Upgrading a basic lift kit

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a 2018 JLUS, I pretty much immediately put in a zone 3” lift kit, JKS control arm drop bracket and a RC adjustable front track bar. I’m looking to upgrade the kit I have, while still using some of the parts that are already on the jeep. Any insight would be...
  6. Kentucky JLU Rubicon textured Fender Flares

    If you’ll ship to Canada I’ll buy em
  7. California 2018 JL Sport Rear Dana 44 Axle for Sale

    I’d take just the rear of you were willing to ship