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  1. Installing Rock Krawler kit, can I do it?

    It took me about 7 hours solo start to finish (getting tools out to putting tools away) .... I did have a little period that my drill batteries died using a hole saw on the lower control arm brackets. I have a Dewalt XR 20v impact and that made quick work on all my bolts, no issues getting...
  2. Speaker Upgrade Only???

    Just ordered 4 from BAM -- hard to beat $100 for 4 speakers if they're better!
  3. Fire result of transmission failure

    Each extinguisher comes with a clip ... I just attached a small piece of 3M command strip to it and fastened it to the plastic floor trim (picture on prior page) .... no movement at all and easy to pull off
  4. Fire result of transmission failure

    got a quick fist for one on them and not super happy with it. The diameter is so large the it bends the back. I can't get it to sit flat against anything .... Let me know if you find a way!
  5. Harley Riders... post em (pics)

    So very true .... I regret selling so many of my bikes for one reason of another. Will be hanging on to my SG as long as it lasts!
  6. Fire result of transmission failure

    I did the same .... I have 1 in the front and one mounted to my tailgate table in the back. I just used some 3M command strips for both on there black mount. Here's the front ----- definitely not going anywhere when the doors are off
  7. Harley Riders... post em (pics)

    '09 Street Glide .... this will be the first summer with the Jeep. Will make it a hard choice between naked and Harley!
  8. Fire result of transmission failure

    haha Same --- At least the weather is getting nicer in the North East!
  9. Fire result of transmission failure

    faster than me! Dealership I called said it could be a few months before people they know what the fix will be
  10. Fire result of transmission failure

    Well it's official .... Safety recall just came out and explains the hold on all M/Ts builds
  11. Front axle I d

    99% sure it's the M186 front axle
  12. Installing Rock Krawler kit, can I do it?

    Great advice on here! Just take your time and stay organized with all the parts! bi-metal hole saw on the LCA brackets and clipping the brake line brackets was probably the worst part of the whole process! The rest of the lift is pretty simple remove and replace. Remember to loosen all...
  13. Upside Racks

    here’s clearance on the 1up with their 7” extension. 35 x 12.5 Patagonia
  14. Best Option for Cargo Security w/ Top Off?

    That looks fantastic ... do you need to fold in both sides for the top to drop in? I haven’t looked too hard to see if just dropping the center interferes with anything or is just big enough
  15. Upside Racks

    Definitely ... I have a 7" extension and can expand up to 4 bikes. Works well. It is a cool product. Do you already have roof rails on yours? I'm running 35" x 12.5" on the rugged ridge hinge and relocation plate. Next time I load up, I can take a photo to show clearances if you want
  16. Upside Racks

    looks very interesting ... I for one would not want to lift a bike up on top unless it was a carbon road bike! 1UP makes a great hitch mount. It does look very cool though
  17. Bike Rack Options??

    Nice .... Have the same and 1UP is fantastic. Now just need to get two more trays. 1UP is so easy to load up
  18. Best Option for Cargo Security w/ Top Off?

    Finish turned out a lot better than anticipated actually. I would probably double the amount I applied though. I put 2 layers on each side and it used all 4 cans I got. I purchased from Amazon --
  19. Oh #*:;?/*':!** My Manual Transmission Just Died

    Hey it didnt burst into flames .... so there's that
  20. Best Option for Cargo Security w/ Top Off?

    I did .... my kids were sitting on top of it last night ---- although they only weigh about 80lbs combined. It flexes slightly, but I think it will hold a decent amount. I want to get up and see if it will support me (~165lb). My plan was to hold one of our bigger coolers up there (Cabela's...