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  1. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    Both are just for appearance. The wheels are specific to the Rubicon, just like those stickers are specific to the 4xe. The buyer of the wheels has a large number of wheels to choose from but still chooses them to look like a Rubicon.
  2. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    Meh. People pay a lot more for Rubicon wheel takeoffs than this guy paid for stickers.
  3. Wrangler through the years…

    I guess my question was more along the lines of whether the word "Wrangler" already had meaning/association within the brand or if it was just a totally unrelated/new name they used. Oh and my avatar is Jurgen Klopp, the head coach for Liverpool in the English league. The "LFC" in my name is...
  4. Wrangler through the years…

    Is there a specific reason "Wrangler" was the chosen new name after the CJ?
  5. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    Just did a Vroom and am down to $43.3K.....i did cross 30K miles the other day so that plays a role but that is $10K less than the highest offer i have ever gotten.
  6. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    Same here. Highest i got from Vroom was $53K a few months ago and the last one i remember was $47K a few weeks ago. I should give it another whirl and see where it is today.
  7. Used Car Price Bubble - Jeep Impacts

    If only that projection also applied to the housing market....sigh 😞
  8. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    while posting on Google chrome browser on their iPhone sipping on their starbucks coffee as they wait for their Jeep parts to arrive from Amazon.
  9. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    Late to this party but when i started watching the video i said to myself “wait, i recognize that voice” then a few moments later when it said “Lite Brite Nation” (their new channel name?) I realized immediately it was time to click the x on the top right of my screen. if she got pimped out any...
  10. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    If it's going to be sold in Jeep dealerships under the brand name, then it's really a Jeep. A 392 XR can touch $80K, and while BMW does not have a Wrangler competitor, you could get a sweet M3 for that money. Jeep is playing with the big boys in price, so they need to offer the perks like the...
  11. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    But as Jeep goes deeper and deeper into the luxury price territory, these things will be expected by customers. Per Jeep's website a '22 Grand Wagoneer starts at $88K, that is almost $15K more than the X7 starts at and the dealer experiences are not even comparable.
  12. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    The couple times I’ve taken my 2004 BMW to the dealer I’ve had no problem getting a rental even though the car is originally from out of state and i am the 3rd or 4th owner. Whenever i have gone to the jeep dealer where we bought my wife’s wk2, we have never been given or offered a rental. Best...
  13. quadratech discount

    Bump! What is the forum discount with Quadratec?
  14. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    My kids are younger so just recently my oldest moved to a bike that can fit in the bike rack. We have put 2 adult bikes and his 24" bike in it and works fine, but i imagine fitting 4 adult bikes is likely difficult without rubbing each other, if they even fit.
  15. Quadratec tube doors

    I'm making it my new years resolution to get myself a set of tube doors and really like the way the Quadratec ones look but after searching the forum i could not seem to find any reviews of people here who have them. How's the quality of the doors? rattles? issues? Do they ever go on sale or is...
  16. Quadratec 20% off gift cards

    Just grabbed mine. Sweet deal.
  17. Quadratec 20% off gift cards

    It says they cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. I'm currently looking at their quadratec tube doors, does that mean if the doors were to go on sale, i would not be able to use the gift cards as part of payment?
  18. Ohio dealer has 2022 Gladiators

    No XR package on the JT? Talk about a Jeep that could really use that package to make it look proportional.
  19. I would have never thought this even 10 years ago.

    The C8 just doesn't do it for me. Proportions look off and the interior is hideous. Now, the upcoming Lotus Emira is one i would do despicable things for. And it comes in a manual.