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  1. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    3c in the underground this morning, 4xe started up on the battery, drove outside, dash temp began rapidly changing to reflect the outside temp which the weather app said was -17c. Started the day with the battery at 85%, did a few kms last night after charging it up. About 2 minutes outside...
  2. Sahara 4xe snow performance

    They were off a Gladiator Rubicon, maybe the Wranglers had KO2s, and the Gladiator came with the Falken. These were from a 2020 I think, bought them mainly because I was going to buy a Gladiator Overland to swap out the puny wheels, then decided to get the 4xe after they finally decided to make...
  3. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    4F = -15C yes it never goes into electric only for me at those temps, -10C(14F) seems to be the coldest it would go electric for me
  4. "Winter" has neutered the 4xe

    Perhaps we should probably be looking at this MPG thing a little differently. Last night I was helping out a friend do some running around the city, in the snow -5c, we were at it for 4 hours, we made over 50 stops, at the end of it I had 7% and 4km available, I started with 90% 33km, at the...
  5. Sahara 4xe snow performance

    Willys are very nice wheels, but yea 4 year old tires on a new vehicle isn't worth it Look in the Buy and Sell section here for people selling new take offs, for very good prices, US gets better take off deals than in Canada.
  6. Sahara 4xe snow performance

    I swapped out 20s for the Rubicon wheels with the Falken Wildpeak, I have always used Rubi takeoffs, previously on the JK I had the KO2s, I like the 20s, will probably put them back on in the spring when I black out the Sahara and 4xe badges.
  7. Post your coldest cold starts!

    Looks like it would not run full electric from about below -10c(my experience, not sure if that is the exact cut off, or even if this is the way it was designed), probably the battery would deplete too fast to make economical sense vs running ICE, as it is the battery depletes quickly at around...
  8. Wrangler through the years…

    I feel old, I have owned every model of Wrangler since the YJ, except the LJ I would go back to a 2dr Wrangler if it's an EV or PHEV, and has the tumbling front seat like the TJ, only reason I want it to be EV is because gas is extremely expensive, and will keep getting more expensive, and the...
  9. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    most likely the same people that willfudrive into puddles to slash pedestrians Are those our electric buses? there were a lot of TTC buses stranded all over, were they having engine problems or crappy tires that are slipping on the inclines? I pity the people that have to depend on public...
  10. New JL owners: any issue with fuses / relays not fully seated upon delivery?

    2021 Sahara 4xe 4,000km Yesterday driving in the snow, the big red Turtle came on, so did the CEL. I was going up a snow/ice covered slight incline, the Wrangler tried to creep up in Electric, put it in manual and got the ICE going, but it was still limited power(turtle), made it up the...
  11. New Wrangler colors to replace Tescadero & Snazzberry?

    if they insist in having 50 shades of gray, at the very least offer one in a matte finish
  12. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    The Satin Black seems very pricey considering you will not be getting the Sting-Grey painted grill either, and the SBG sells for under $400 on places like Quadratec. I usually buy the Satin Black grill separately, and mount the original in the man cave, then remove and reuse, or resell like I...
  13. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    Most likely why it's sold as an option, and not standard equipment.
  14. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    People unable to drive to work, or most likely don't have cars, need to get to work one way or the other, otherwise the same clown horseplaying in the snow will fire them for not showing up, then their kids will starve. The government is cleaning the bicycle lanes in downtown Toronto for me and...
  15. Daily dose of dumb in Toronto Canada

    The reason they have to stand/walk on the road is because the city does not clean the 2 to 3 feet of snow off the sidewalks
  16. New Wrangler colors to replace Tescadero & Snazzberry?

    hopefully not Gecko, I haven't seen another one on the road
  17. Off-Road Pages not available at this time, try again later?

    I get this message when I am in the underground garage, not sure why the Wrangler need to connect to the mothership to display local onboard information. Most likely ORP and other similar stuff will become a subscription service in the future, hopefully headlights and wipers will not be part of...
  18. Check Engine Light - Get diagnostic code

    Anyone know how to get the diagnostic code on the JL(specifically the 4xe) There was the trick on the JK, I can't find anything on the JL, every result seem to point to using a reader.
  19. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    -5c in Toronto today and I had the SOT open running errands, I used to do the same with the Sunrider for Hardtop, but the SOT is just so much easier
  20. Jeep all weather mats, is there a difference in them

    makes them look black like new, you still need to wash and scrub them first, then dry and apply the 303, same goes for the wheels, and any of those black plastic we have all over the Wrangler. Costco usually have 303 at a good price at times. 303 also have a fabric guard spray for the the...