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  1. Spare Tire Carrier Lug Studs....

    Yeah but should be fine but if it’s not then yes a wheel spacer
  2. Spare Tire Carrier Lug Studs....

    You could run a spacer
  3. 40'S on your JL

    If you sell em as a set they’ll get fast, I had a heck of a time because I was only selling the rear but everyone I know who had a set or a front axle moved it fast. I think you’ll be happy with your upgrades, I know lots of folks running 40’s with beefed up axles and no issues
  4. BFG KO2 39x13.5xR17 on UD 44 Axles

    Early on at least the KM3 ran pretty small maybe 37 mounted with the weight of the jeep on it. I’d be curious to see if the KO2 is taller since I think both tires use the same carcass
  5. BFG KO2 39x13.5xR17 on UD 44 Axles

    Now I’m curious and wonder if BFG started making the 39 a bit truer to size
  6. Lite Brite breaks RPM Steering Tie Rod

    Lmao are you paying for YouTube red? If not it’s free to you unless you have a way to charge YouTube and content creators for the views you give it / them and if so pass the sauce I’d like some of that too.
  7. Lite Brite breaks RPM Steering Tie Rod

    I did a couple of years ago and very nice folks, Kevin gave me a driveshaft and asked nothing in return for it. To all the jokers here making comments on his wife, y’all are clowns, very disrespectful and if you have balls walk up to the man and say it to his face. If not keep it quiet.
  8. Method 108’s - Beadlock / Beadgrip hybrid

    Just mounted these and got them balanced my jeep drives like butter again, I was getting some steering wheel shimmy, I figure my rims were beat up pretty bad and that’s why. They installed very easily, took me about 1.5 hours a wheel not counting the time it took to get my wheels broken down at...
  9. What do you wish was different on your JL?

    1. OEM Dana 60 2. OEM Dana 60
  10. BFG KO2 39x13.5xR17 on UD 44 Axles

    Mine measure 37.25 - 37.5 mounted on 17x9 with about 12k miles on em. They measure a hair over 38 unmounted. No DOT tire measures true
  11. Learn to regear, upgrade axles, or sell?

    Lots of folks are running 40’s on the 44’s and they aren’t taking it easy on the rig, if built right these can be viable but it means trussing the rear and chromoly shafts and yeah gearing it. No you can’t rock hop and go beserk on the gas pedal but these will live. You can’t regear a JL like a...
  12. BFG KO2 39x13.5xR17 on UD 44 Axles

    On an automatic I’d run these all day with chromo, truss and rcv, wouldn’t do it on a 6 speed because I’ve seen 3 rear ring and pinions blow on folks who drive a MT. I upgraded my rear to a Dana 60 to run these and the future 40’s
  13. Method Race Wheels 108 beadlocks

    Just ordered these guys, 17x9, 3.5 backspace and -44 offset which doesn’t bother me since I’m running 1.75 inch spacers which works out to the same offset. I’ll post pictures soon as I get them on!
  14. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    Right on, I’ll be placing an order as soon as they allow it. What clutch disk did you go with?
  15. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    That’s awesome! Seems like it would even make second gear more usable for technical obstacles. Sounds like you are running the OEM clutch and the Centerforce flywheel correct? This is definitely on my list for next year then.