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  1. 392 real world MPG

    I’ve been running 13.6-13.8 MPG since I put my 35x12.5x20 wheel/tire combo, almost all city, with a medium foot on the throttle.
  2. 392 Windshield or Cowl Light brackets ??

    I ended up using these: The original red ones that don’t work are these:
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Slightly, but I don’t mind. I could raise it up, but I prefer the greater visibility out of the back window.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I run my one touch through the car wash…
  5. Warn Winch Power Interrupt Install on 392 (Photos Requested)

    I am ready to install my EVO 10-S winch. I have the Warn Power Interrupt Kit. The engine compartment is tight. Before I get started, I would like to see examples of the interrupt kit location on a 392. Thank you in advance!
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I finally got my wheels moved over. I was awaiting delivery of the Spartacus HD hinge. I went with the Teraflex Tire Carrier this time. The spare is mounted nice and low...better position that the Spartacus carrier
  7. Teraflex Alpha HD Tire Carrier Doesn't Work for 2021

    @TeraFlex why is this not already included in the kit. I just got everything taken apart only to realize I cannot complete the project. I did send a message through your website, but this is frustrating!
  8. Fab Four Stubby Front Bumper

    No issues on mine. Love the bumper. OEM fogs.
  9. Texas Bestop Trektop and fridge slide in DFW area

    How much for the fridge?
  10. Are these the correct TPMS sensors for my stock 2021 Rubicon wheels?

    Here’s what they sent me. Does this look correct?
  11. Sky One Touch Top versus Hard/Soft Top Option?

    I run mine through the car wash, and I open the top to and from work every single day as long as it is not raining. Yes, it's not as naked as a hard or soft top with the top off, but the convenience is there to use it on a whim. It reminds me of the old question of what's the best camera? The...
  12. How do you like your 392 Jeep!?!?!?

    We're all too busy driving! Seriously, I absolutely love it. You will too! It's worth the wait.
  13. 2nd Best hood lock option? BOLT won’t work

    Thank you. I am considering these as well...
  14. 2nd Best hood lock option? BOLT won’t work

    I forgot about the Tazer hood alarm. Just got my Tazer for this Jeep...time to install it.
  15. 2nd Best hood lock option? BOLT won’t work

    I was looking into the BOLT for my 392, but it appears it won’t work because I have the front facing trail cam. Should I install locking latches or just leave it unlocked?
  16. Security Related Accessories / Theft Prevention

    What about something like this for the brake pedal? Yaetek 9 Holes Brake Pedal Lock Security Car Auto Stainless Steel Clutch Lock Anti-Theft Device
  17. TFL Gets 19 MPG Over 250 Miles With 392 Wrangler

    I’m getting 14.5 mpg city with a medium foot.
  18. Easy On Easy Off Seat covers for when I am getting dirty

    Those both look like great options. Thank you.
  19. Easy On Easy Off Seat covers for when I am getting dirty

    I am considering seat covers for my front two leather seats that I can quickly install and remove later. I am just looking for protect the leather on weekends when I am out getting dirty? What do you guys/gals use for this?