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  1. "Performance Limited" Error code

    There have been cases where the wrong fuel has been offloaded from a tanker to a storage tank at a gas station. Like others have posted, try a tank of high octane (non-ethanol gas if you can find it). There is another possibility... assuming there is an engine knock sensor, maybe the knock...
  2. Exploring North Carolina

    Update on OHGR: It appears that the work to Old House Gap Road (OHGR) was completed this fall. However, the road has not been reopened and there are gates on both ends. Rumor has it, the road may never be reopened. Would like to get a bunch of people together and appeal to the Forest Service...
  3. I'm done! Yesterday I blew up my Jeep.

    Water crossing should be a breeze Also, if you use Helium and mount a propeller, the Jeep might be able to double as an airship.
  4. FRAM Ultra @20K Miles

    Engines are expensive. Quality oil and quality filters are relatively cheap. IMHO, Fram is cheap stuff (look at the comparisons) Would never put any Fram product on any vehicle I own. Use Mobile One and Wixs/Napa Gold Filters on my 3.6 Liter Jeep. Change oil at 5,000 miles or 50% of life...
  5. Do you think Jeep/Stilantis will also be doing this as well?

    As far as the green energy and the war on ICE, this photo pretty much explains everything.
  6. Do you think Jeep/Stilantis will also be doing this as well?

    As an EE, I am sure there must be away around their stupid fees so that one can get the features that came with the car. I am not going to sign up or have anything where they are trying to extort me for $$$. If they add that crap to my JL (or any other vehicle) I'll either rip that stuff out...
  7. I'll bet money I'll never do *THAT* again!

    Been there, done that... Now I torque wheels twice. Once before the vehicle is moved and the in the garage. The second time, after the vehicle is out of the garage.
  8. Sob Story - 21' JLUD Rubicon

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Not sure I would want a vehicle that someone has done all that disassembly and then reassemble. Doubt it would be like it was when it left the factory. IMHO, work with the insurance folks about totaling the vehicle. If that does not work, may be worth while to...
  9. My brand new Jeep lists to one side

    One thing to check is the springs. Did FCA install the correct springs? Are they positioned correctly (i.e., clocked)?
  10. Made a day of Detailing

    Great work!. Looks amazing... Now to find the closest mud pit and have fun like these folks Then its, wash, rinse, repeat.
  11. Oil change frequency, dealer told me DO NOT use service required alert?

    Don't really care what's in the service book, service providers, lab analysis, oil mf claims, etc. Don't really care about 'free' oil changes. Changing mine about every ~4000 miles (typically about 50% oil life left according to the dash display). Using Mobile and and Wix/Napa Gold oil...
  12. Scary Wrangler crash on bridge in Las Vegas

    Maybe it was one of those Duke's of Hazard jumps.
  13. Which powertrain would you get?

    The question was "Which powertrain would you get." Well, none that are listed. The best powertrain, IMHO, currently available from the factory is the 3.6 with a manual gearbox. Three pedals in a Jeep is the only way I role. :D
  14. Oil changed = damaged fender

    Sorry to hear about the damage to your Jeep. This is one of many reasons I never go to the dealership for the "free" oil change. Too many times, the dealership has Jr. change the oil. Often, these 'mechanics' are new to the repair business and don't have any real skills. Just have never had...
  15. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    Three things. Rubicon Package, 2-Doors Manual Transmission Another favorite option is the Blind Spot Monitoring System. With so many crazy drivers out there, nice to know there are some electronics watching my flanks.
  16. In Search of 2-Door Skids...

    My JLR that has the modified Artec AL skid has a manual transmission and a 3.6 engine.
  17. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JLU) 4-Door Order Guide [Updated Monthly]

    Yet again... No Mango Tango. Maybe one day, they will bring it back.
  18. Help Jeep pick a new color

    How about bringing back Mango Tango. FCA (or what ever they call themselves) has a similar color for the Dodge Challenger/Charger If that color came back, that would be a must have Jeep for the garage.
  19. Rolling coal

    Most likely, most have us have done something stupid in our teenage years. I do wish a speed recovery for those that are injured. As a cyclist, the kid should receive something more than a slap on the wrist. If the kid gets off w/o punishment, what has he learned? Maybe the kid should ride a...
  20. Wife’s Jealous of My Jeep

    The right lift, tires, shocks, steering components can make a huge difference in the ride quality of a Jeep. The lift is one place where it is not recommended to go cheap. The last thing you want to hear is "you put all this stuff on my Jeep and now the ride quality is terrible." IMHO, if you...