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  1. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    Lots of people on the Bronco forum reporting being asked for ADM upon delivery of their Bronco they ordered over a year ago. My attitude is that I don't NEED a new vehicle, and my dealer told me they will not charge ADM, and if they try I'll walk and never step foot in a Ford dealer again. I...
  2. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    OMG a girl was wearing heels while driving a Bronco?!?!?! I need to cancel my order 🤪 And of course there will be Bronco threads on a vehicle forum, if someone doesn't like it, then why are the browsing the "Other Vehicles" section? And I actually think the bronco is ugly, the dash is...
  3. Shadiest dealer false advertising on 392 pricing

    The manufacturer charged them more?!?! I did well at Fitzgeralds in Countryside with my '19 JLUR.
  4. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    LOL, Wrangler owners calling out another vehicle for quality issues and lack of support from corporate :D
  5. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    Doors and roof don't come off. Well, not very easily anyway ;)
  6. When are headlight heating elements coming out?

    Broncos are having the same issue, probably not nearly as bad since the headlight is not recessed.
  7. New 2022 Bronco. Watch out Wrangler.

    I talked a lot of smack about the Bronco on this forum, but after test driving one last week, I placed an order. I think the Bronco is ugly, can't stand the dash, don't like the push button 4wd, but the way it handles on the highway and roomier interior sold me and my wife. It does 70mph as...
  8. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    I mentioned this earlier in the thread - I know 3 people that had their cars stolen, and ALL 3 left the keys in them. If I was nervous while on a trip or something, I'd just pull a fuse, probably for the starter.
  9. What are People Replacing Their Aux and Main with?

    We're disconnecting our AUX and running with a single battery like a vehicle should. Or 2 identical batteries, like a vehicle should. We are not running with 2 mismatched batteries being charged identically and connected in parallel when the vehicle is off, like a vehicle shouldn't.
  10. Jeep Wrangler fire pit

    From the thread title I didn't know if this would be about Jeeps catching on fire, or a firepit that fits nicely in the cargo area of a wrangler that can be taken out for, say, camping. I did not expect it to be about this. :D
  11. VERY Rookie Question

    You shouldn't have to pay sales tax in TN, nor have it registered in TN. Dealer should give you a temp tag to get you home, then you go to the tax collector's office, register it, and pay sales tax. I have bought 2 brand new vehicles out of state this way. The first was in 2003 and was a Nissan...
  12. Pennsylvania

    I'd love to know more about the place in Plum, especially if it is beginner where I could bring my whole family :)
  13. Pennsylvania

    Anything in Western PA? I just moved to Butler and would love to find some mild trails to do with the family. Nothing technical, just some good hills and maybe a water crossing or so. Seems like all I can find info on is in the middle of the state, and Bantam is only certain times of the year.
  14. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    I just had a great idea to prevent theft of Auto JL Wranglers - wire in a hidden switch that disables the signal from the door and the seat belt, so that if someone tries to steal it the Autopark engages and won't let them shift out of park until they find the switch :)
  15. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    As I mentioned before, if you use the wrong chip, it disables the vehicle for 3 minutes. No thief is going to wait around trying up to 15 resistors with a 3 minute wait in between. The downside is that if you're resistor reader starts going bad, as my '02 T/A recently did, and you end up sitting...
  16. Jeep Theft Made EASY

    As for flatbeds and tow trucks, that is also a concern and adds a level of security for the thief in that if they tow the vehicle backwards, the plate is tough to see for cops, but more importantly, if they have a an open request for a similar vehicle, then they can get caught red handed and...