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  1. Installed: Rancho 2" Sport System for Rubicon

    Just curious if any of you have done any other suspension component upgrades at this point besides this lift?
  2. Well, we blew up our JL

    Eh, be wary of the 6.4L Hemi. If you go that route (I honestly would over anything else though!) make sure to get either a crate TrackHawk with built-up internals or have your 6.4L Hemi built with MMX Lifter deletes and supporting mods(was quoted about $8,500 for a full kit and install for...
  3. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Here's an updated picture of ours!
  4. Quake LED: Headlight and Fender Chop kit Combo

    Just wanted to give initial impressions on this lighting combo and show others what this amazing combo looks like! Install: Really smooth! The install will require a little focus on making sure you keep the bracket and fender lined up while tightening everything up, but past that, super easy...
  5. Check Out! Quake LED's Jeep Wrangler JL / JT Gladiator DRL, Sequential Turn Signal Fender Chop Kit

    We went with Quake LED's halo headlights, which are also plug and play and a super easy install! Great light, and great fitment, even better that they're a true 9" headlight and not the 7"!
  6. Check Out! Quake LED's Jeep Wrangler JL / JT Gladiator DRL, Sequential Turn Signal Fender Chop Kit

    Hey, that jeep looks familiar...... Swear I've seen it somewhere before..... :p Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these out, install was super smooth and couldn't be happier with the final product! Top notch quality from front to back!
  7. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    That wouldn't fix the issue I was having, AAL didn't include the module in their lights that sends info to the ECU/ECM. Thus, when plugged into the Quake lights that do have the module, the Quake lights would think something was damaged/not connected fully and turn an amber color. Tons of weird...
  8. Rancho JLUR 2” lifts

    Far as fuel economy goes, does't get better. lol But I don't really care about that. I have seen no extreme drawbacks with stock gears on 37's, I have also seen/watched plenty of videos saying the same thing. I have mainly heard: "No you don't need to re-gear at all, however if you do you will...
  9. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    Nope, tried every type of combination within the Tazer settings, lights never worked out. Doesn't matter too much, Quake has some coming out very soon of their own.
  10. American Adventure Lab fender light kit

    You cannot use AAL with the Quake LED's, we tried. The AAL not having that LED health BS wiring messes with the Quake products.
  11. American Adventure Lab fender light kit

    Absolutely not. You know what is ugly? The blue hue these put off when compared to the Quake LED halo's.. looks cheap.
  12. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Will these bumpers ever be available for purchase? Been looking at your site daily to see if stock changes on both front and rear bumpers, shortage on welders/workers?
  13. Satellite imagery overlay for GPS/Map View?

    Is there a way to have an overlay of satellite imagery when viewing the built-in GPS Map View? Hell even a way to have Google Maps run through an app?
  14. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    Alright, so got the Tazer JL Mini installed, changed some setting real quick, didn't work, still getting the head and fog lights turning amber when the AAL's are plugged in. Talking with Brit from AAL and Rob at Quake LED Brit mentioned their lights don't have the module that communicates with...
  15. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    Gotta wait another day, not sure who's at fault but our package was never picked up yesterday and it will be here tomorrow... supposedly. lol
  16. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    This is just for reference for others with our same or somewhat similar setup. We got our American Adventure Lab lights in finally! But we ran into an issue with the AAL LED's plugged into the Quake LED spliced connector. Jeep turned off; but DRL turned on VIA dial - Fender lights and...
  17. Rancho JLUR 2” lifts

    17x9.5 -18 Black Rhino Barstow's w/ 37/13.5 Cooper Discoverer STT Pro
  18. Rancho JLUR 2” lifts

    Silly question, how can you tell they've shifted?
  19. Rancho JLUR 2” lifts

    Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the pictures and info! I'm from AZ and plan on doing... well every single trail available here within this Jeeps lifetime! haha Is the Rancho 2" Sport lift all you have done suspension wise? Was your caster a problem at all? I greatly appreciate your input and...
  20. Rancho JLUR 2” lifts

    Awesome, so 37's are no problem for you? Do you do any mild off-roading? And one last question, what is your backspacing?