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  1. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    That still does not fix the illuminated switches with the cargo light receiving power, and doing so you would only be able to use the cargo light with the vehicle ignition turned on. Not exactly ideal for a lot of situations.
  2. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    Excellent! Time to break out the depinning tools! Thanks a ton JP!
  3. JL Cargo Area Lighting Upgrade

    Just placed my order! Any chance you could provide the specifications/dimensions for the switches? I would like to change them out for non-illuminated ones as I really do not want to run a separate switch to turn the switch illumination off. Thanks in advance!
  4. Florida NIB Baja Designs S8 20" Amber Lightbar Driving/Combo w/Extras

    Hey everyone, I purchased this S8 20" lightbar from Baja Designs directly back in October and ended up going with a different option due to space reasons. This was going to be mounted under my AEV RX bumper in the provided space but the body dimensions of this were a bit too big for the space so...
  5. Rhino SRM Roof Rack

    Appreciate the input. Excited to get mine on!
  6. Rhino SRM Roof Rack

    That is great to hear! How is the fit/finish overall? Your Jeep is partly why I chose this rack as I found it in another thread on here.
  7. Rhino SRM Roof Rack

    I just took delivery of this exact rack in the 65" length. I can certainly let you know how it is fit/finish and wind noise after getting it installed. I will say, wind noise doesn't bother me like it does some people though. My JL, even with as much wind noise as some passengers have said, is...
  8. Rubicon Leather Interior Parts List (Door Cards, LE Dash Panels, etc.)

    For anyone curious the leather interior part numbers for an automatic Rubicon are as follows. Details are current as of 12/10/21. Hope this helps others as I have been combing through parts websites trying to make a conclusive list of interior parts (excluding seats). Dashboard Top Pad Trim Kit...
  9. JLU Rubicon Check Your Ball Joints ASAP!!

    Did you torque yours to the Spicer specs?
  10. Florida OEM JLU Half Doors w/Premium Uppers

    Hey Logan, appreciate the offer but it would be a logistical nightmare to get them to FL. Thanks. Josh
  11. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Jeep looks great! Makes me wish I optioned mine with the color matched top
  12. Florida Black Hardtop trade for Nacho Hardtop

    Still looking. Thanks!
  13. Florida OEM JLU Half Doors w/Premium Uppers

    Looking for a set of JLU OEM half doors with premium uppers. Color does not matter as they will be repainted. I am located in FL. Thanks.
  14. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    Saw my first Nacho Jeep in the wild this afternoon! The other Nacho driver and myself basically hung out our windows yelling at each other going in opposite directions haha. I yelled Nachoooooo and I'm guessing the other guy did the same. I got a good laugh out of it. If you're on here, nice Jeep!
  15. AEV 2.5" RT Lift Driveline Vibrations

    Appreciate the input!
  16. AEV 2.5" RT Lift Driveline Vibrations

    Definitely! Appreciate the input everyone.
  17. AEV 2.5" RT Lift Driveline Vibrations

    I'm going to take a look at everything this evening and check it over.
  18. AEV 2.5" RT Lift Driveline Vibrations

    Now that I'm looking at it it's not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. I'm starting to wonder if when the tires were rebalanced if a weight came off. I was more curious if anyone has experienced any issues like this and I agree with the statements, there shouldn't be any vibrations at...
  19. AEV 2.5" RT Lift Driveline Vibrations

    Exactly my thinking. My plan has been to upgrade the arms over time and I have always been a big fan of JKS' components and was planning that route. No time like the present.