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  1. Tow Rating Questions & Confusion

    I would suggest you check out Can-AmRV website. ( People come from all over North America to have their hitch work done by real experts.
  2. Tow Rating Questions & Confusion

    Air bags are not the solution! You can have a good hitch shop strengthen your receiver so that it can withstand the twisting stress (fore and aft) that a weight distribution hitch creates. Check out this video showing that air bags don't help with weight distribution (but can only help to...
  3. Best Doors-Off Mirrors?

    Harley motorcycle mirrors. They fit perfectly in the top hinge. I purchased a used pair off of eBay of $15.
  4. JL Sahara towing? 3.45 gear ratio

    If you are concerned about the hitch receiver you can have a hitch shop strengthen it. I had mine done up to a Class IV.
  5. JL Sahara towing? 3.45 gear ratio

    Do you have the heavy duty tow package? My previous Jeep, a JKU Sahara, had 3.73 gears, and 4 speed automatic transmission. I towed a travel trailer from the east coast to the west, through mountains and deserts with no problems. However, the transmission did do a bit of gear hunting. Now...
  6. McGard Door Hinge Lock

    Yes, I bought four keyed alike. They are a bit fussy to use so I wouldn’t recommend them if you take the doors off a lot.
  7. First time fully naked!

    Looks good. I would recommend at least one side view mirror. I use Harley-Davidson motorcycle mirrors which I picked up used for about $15. They fit into the top hinge on each side. (To make them a tighter fit I put a couple of layers of shrink tubing around the stem.)
  8. Racor Hoist System

    Garage ceiling is 10' 6"
  9. Racor Hoist System

    The bottom of my top is about 50" from the ceiling. I have the freedom panels and other items stored on top of the Racor platform. It could be raised at least another 6" and if the stored items were removed it could be raised about 12 - 18".
  10. Racor Hoist System

    Highest from what?
  11. Towing 2018 Audi A4

    I'm not sure of your point. You can't dolly tow a JLU. I have no idea about an Audi A4, thus the advice to check the manual.
  12. Towing 2018 Audi A4

    The Audi A4 weighs between 3252 and 4079 lbs depending on the trim and model year. If you have the max tow package you should be able to mange this easily. You should check the Audi's owner manual on how to configure it so it can be towed.
  13. Towing 2018 Audi A4

    Why do you need to get all four wheels off of the ground. If you move one of the left side tires to the right side you may be able to get it onto a dolly and tow it more easily than trying to load it onto a trailer.
  14. Jeep started without key fob close by?

    I can remote start my Jeep from inside the house. Perhaps your wife was pranking you.
  15. Sahara vs. Rubicon in Salty Air

    It is less expensive to go with cloth seats now and later, if you want leather, purchase a leather seat conversion kit.
  16. 2019 JL unlimited Towing a Camper question

    Your Jeep already has a transmission cooler.
  17. Recommended hitch extender for Thule 4 bike carrier?

    You might want to consider the Curt Raise/Drop Extender (in the drop configuration) as it would lower the bike rack to a more manageable height too.
  18. Doors Off Mirror Options (EMP or Mopar?)

    I use Harley mirrors. They work great.
  19. The Antenna

    It does affect one other system - the stock antenna acts as a height gauge when entering parking garages or passing under low branches.