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  1. Dual Door group Half doors on Jeep build and price

    I saw this good news some time ago. Too bad for those that already have their JLs. Another bummer, is that you can't get JUST the half doors
  2. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Just changing tire diameter will not affect castor. So, no, you won't need the longer LCAs.
  3. The Jeep Wave and the Gladiator

    I wave at all Wranglers, XJs, Gladiators; and, Renegades and G/Cherokees if they are modded. It is so instinctive I even do when I drive my girl friend's car
  4. JL 2 door pic and mod thread

    For the love of 2 doors.....details in sig
  5. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Soft doors???? What about Core Doors for the JL?
  6. TeraFlex Adjustable Spare Tire Kit Install How-To

    Much thanks to @Tech Tim and the rest of team at @Northridge4x4 for quick shipping, great pricing and in-depth install instructions! Got mine installed last night! The best thing about this Teraflex spare tire carrier is just how tight to the tail gate you can get the tire.
  7. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    The wheels are:
  8. Method 701 vs 702

    I voted for the 702s because I have the 701s ;)
  9. New Method 701 question

    Exactly! Be bold! I went safe with colors and often regret it. (I pussed out on Mojito, Punkn', the bronze 701s). I'm not saying you should go off "your" deep end but you, @Bandana , did say your eyes linked the bronze.
  10. Is your 2dr a two seater?

    This is my 3rd 2 door Wrangler. Before my first Wrangler, I had a GTI with rear seats folded down, at all times, for my bike. So, since my 1st Wrangler, the rear seat went in the basement as soon as I got home on the 1st day of ownership.
  11. Favorite Options

    I'd say it is tie between the LEDs and the blind spot monitoring
  12. Touch free wash with soft top

    I've been taking mine to a touchless wash every week since July 2018. The only problem I have, every time, is a few drips come down the tail gate from bottom bar on the back window. This occurs because the jets shoot water horizontally at the outside bar rubber gasket; the force allows just a...
  13. The endless dilemma soft top vs. hard top

    Maybe you could buy the Mopar softtop and sell the hard top?
  14. Debadged today

    I used fishing line to peel it off. Then I used a rubber decal removing wheel to get the foam backing that was stuck on
  15. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    The rub pics were before the lift. I tested after the lift and there is no rubbing a full travel
  16. JL Trektop

    Thanks for side profile of the 2 door! It almost reduces the over hang, in windowless mode or safari mode, from the OEM soft top for me to make the switch
  17. JL Trektop

    You might be OK now. According to Bestop's website, Black Diamond is available for 2 and 4 door JLs; and, Black Twill is available for 2 door JL & back ordered for 4 door JLs. Plenty of people already have Black Twill for the 4 doors so, inventory is just moving. You shouldn't have a problem...
  18. Let's see how bad the Uconnect issues are!

    Although I voted “no” I occasionally have the issue of the mute button not turning sound back on on, after it was turned on. This happens so infrequently I can’t remember if this happen on some SXM channel, an FM channel or Carplay app. Corrects self by changing the channel or input