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  1. HELP! Approaching 3yr/36,000 miles. Should I extend warranty?

    I'm not sure because I don't have that feature, but go to mopar website and you can read through all plans and what's covered.
  2. HELP! Approaching 3yr/36,000 miles. Should I extend warranty?

    Just bought an extended warranty from Tom Winkle. He was the cheapest! Second place was Zeiglerā€˜s website. 100 dollar difference! I had a 2012 town and country with the lifetime warranty and it paid for itself. You just never know with cars so for 200 dollars a year its worth it! No one...
  3. Auto control temp on felt a Jerk every time a/c kicked on 3.6 v6 engine automatic

    Wanted to know if anyone has experience this before. last week when we had warmer weather I had the Auto Temp control on. This is what I usually have on in my jeep. Well it must of warmed up enough to kick on the a/c. I was traveling around 55-65mph and I could feel a pull/jerk in the...
  4. Ohio Sold: 2019 JLU Sahara (Loaded)

    Firecracker Red Sahara with 7,200miles and loaded. Never been in snow/salt only 3-4 times in rain(Damn weather men) and never OFF Roading. Garage stored. Oil changed at 1,000 miles. No soft top. Circle brake light in spare tire, only using (1) of the 4 auxiliary switch for (8) Multi color...
  5. Bourbon talk...

    It's not the same. Takes the fun out of tracking it down.
  6. Bourbon talk...

    Thanks! But I'm looking for the other N.
  7. Bourbon talk...

    Went hunting for Blanton's today Missed out!!! Looking for one more letter! Hopefully Next time!!
  8. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Fall Picture in Michigan!
  9. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Duck Season is strong!!! At the grocery store and was Ducked!
  10. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Was out getting some groceries and was DUCKED!!!
  11. 8.4" Radio Screen cloudy in corner

    I have looked through the threads and I haven't seen anything posted about the radio Screen showing a cloudy look in the corners of the screen when the system is off. You don't notice anything while the radio is on but when its off you can see the cloudy look in the corners. It looks similar...
  12. Florida OEM Premium Black Twill Soft Top 4-Door For Sale

    Still Available? Which Top Is it? Model number?
  13. Ohio beginner trails

    I was looking through the post and I may have missed it but are there any trials in Hocking Hill area for a newbie? Thank you!
  14. Ohio Sold: Trade Grey Dash Panel For Red Rubicon

    Have mint condition Grey dash panel Looking to switch it up to Rubicon red ones. Even trade
  15. Virginia WTB: Non- Rubicon JL Wrangler Dash Panels

    Hi Rob, I sent you a message
  16. Chrysler extended warranty question

    I clicked the linked but couldn't find anything about extended warranty! Could you provide another link if possible. Thank you for adding to this thread. Its really helpful!!!!
  17. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Makes the JEEP look like a TOY!