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  1. Ever had a warranty issue dealer blamed on aftermarket suspension?

    On my old JK i had a bad transmission the dealer claimed my lift kit was why but I got it covered from a different dealership as they said that a lift does not cause a transmission to fail
  2. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    I thought 4 door Sahara's were the worst off road not the 2 door sport models
  3. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    I would if they made a 2 door but they do not so I am not considering until they make a 2 door Gladiator
  4. Supercharger?

    NA would be more reliable but Supercharger would have more HP and torque so they are both good but i would prefer NA due to reliability and look for tuning to increase HP and torque and maybe swap the 7 speed manual from a Corvette or Porsche into the Jeep if you want more fun.
  5. JL Lease pricing/California preferred.

    I would never lease anything I would buy with cash or a loan or at least buy a used one. The fees for excess millage would be bad for me as i drive like 30k miles a year and the monthly payment with a 30k mile a year lease would be almost the same as buying one with a loan
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yesterday i picked up my new JL 2019 Sport S 2 door
  7. Windshield coverage

    Cant you get a replacement through your car insurance and i would not buy any coverage from a dealership as they tend to be more expensive then if you buy it from another company and dealers get a commission from the coverage plan
  8. Rubicon vs Moab

    I would buy a Rubicon because it is offered in a 2 door model however my new JL is not a Rubicon but a Sport S because I do not go offroading but it is a 2 door because a Jeep is not a Jeep with 4 doors
  9. Whats going on with the diesel?

    Do not forget that the EPA delays Diesel almost always while rarely delays gas engine
  10. Which trim level do you plan to purchase?

    Rubicon With all off roading options and i will mod it to use Sahara seats and power rear seats
  11. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    truck will at least be a 4 door however i dont know if there will also be a 2 door truck or not i dont know anything about the standard engine
  12. 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL / JLU) and 2019 Pickup (JT) Info Specs Compilation

    i hope they still offer the manual soft top because i dont like power stuff the only power i like is horsepower
  13. Limited production? Price?

    and it will cannibalize Ram 1500 sales as well
  14. November 2016 Wrangler Sales Drop 7%

    And people are also waiting for the JL
  15. JK May Become "Wrangler Classic"

    No because Wikipedia says Tj ended in July 2006 and JK was started in August 2006
  16. Commemorative Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute Concept Unveiled

    Looks nice i wish jeep would make it and i would trade my Wrangler for it
  17. JK May Become "Wrangler Classic"

    That means there will be more parts for JK wranglers so its a good thing if it is true
  18. 2018 Wish List

    Power reclining rear seats as standard