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  1. How to reset TPMS Symbol lit on dash board

    Man that's annoying. Really wish this bastard was a bit more analogue.
  2. How to reset TPMS Symbol lit on dash board

    SO I came here with a similar problem. But my tires have dropped down to 30 psi (315/70/17 Patagonias) which I have read is a perfectly acceptable level. It may actually be preferred. So is there no way to run at 30 psi and not have the indicator trigger?
  3. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Wife got this pic a few weeks ago of the jeep and a friend. Best shot of new lift and tires.
  4. Color matched D shackles for Punk'n JLU

    I went to home depot (or was it lowes) and got the "Husqavarna orange" farm spray paint and painted the steel rings. They look great. Might be a shade off but if so, I havent noticed.
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Question: Do you "wave" a little bit more when you see another punkin? I give the wave as best I can while still being safe, but when I see another Punk'in I do my best Forest Gump impersonation. I just feel like they get me.
  6. Slipstream JL 2-Door Available

    All the pictures show a 2 door without a roof. Would I need to remove my softtop completely to take advantage of this cover?
  7. Need Sunshade. Go with Alien/Spider or cheapo eBay version?

    So an update on my experience so far. I commented this past weekend on my amazon cheapo sun shade. Im guessing due to heat, the bungees are bending/warping my trim near the windshield. I don't know if it is because I installed it wrong (there were no directions, I had to rely on amazon comments)...
  8. Wind Noise on Passenger Side

    Any word on a solution to this. Notice the same thing on my JL. Built in September 2018. Im thinking it has something to do with soft top. I taped around door seal and the wind noise persisted.
  9. Need Sunshade. Go with Alien/Spider or cheapo eBay version?

    My bad, bungees came with it. I meant to imply the install was simple, no tools etc... Wasn't aware of the forum sponsor stuff. In my research Alien was 75$. As the OP said, budget options. This was that. If it craps out on me though, I will go with Alien next time.
  10. Sport Model Key Fob Alternative?

    I'm new so forgive me if Im posting this in the wrong place. Ive looked around the forums and havent seen this mentioned yet. Like many others I think the key fob is huge. I have the Sport model so I have to unlock the doors (no power locks) but it still has Push-To-Start. There are no other...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put the new bikini top on
  12. Need Sunshade. Go with Alien/Spider or cheapo eBay version?

    I ordered this one from Amazon and installed it today. Voodanala Sun Shade Didn't come with directions but commentors did the job. Seems pretty solid and did not required lowering the windshield or anything. Just had to secure some bungees. Half the price of alien. Still able to lower and...
  13. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    After wanting one for over ten years, finally got a wrangler. I initially looked at a gray one, but then saw the Punk'n and figured "Im not getting this to be subtle." Its pretty much my dream ride. Excited to have manual windows. Every vehicle I have had with power windows has had a motor in...