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  1. Virginia Top Lift Pro

  2. Virginia Top Lift Pro

    I am not sure how difficult this would be to ship. It would need a pretty massive box and be over $100 in shipping probably
  3. Virginia Top Lift Pro

  4. Virginia Top Lift Pro

  5. Virginia Top Lift Pro

    Bump, price reduced
  6. Virginia Top Lift Pro

  7. Virginia Top Lift Pro

    Seldom used Top Lift Pro in Northern VA. No longer need as selling Jeep in the future $600 OBO
  8. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    A better battery would make me buy instantly
  9. Ongoing personal debate. Wrangler or an EV?

    Been a first time Wrangler owner for about a year now and love every minute of it. I have no regrets However, I keep having this internal debate on if I should trade in to get an EV instead, for 2 main reasons 1) Save $ in the long run. 2) Always been a fan due to being environmentally...
  10. Possible battery upgrade?

    Been wanting a PHEV for a while and now that I am a wrangler for life, hey would you look at that, 4XE! however, to me, the 21 miles is way too low to consider switching. I drive 46 miles round trip a day for work, mostly Highway and can’t charge at work, doesn’t seem worth it but how possible...
  11. Stellantis EV Day tomorrow. Expectations for Jeep?

    would love that to be announced but would be a quick turnaround?
  12. Stellantis EV Day tomorrow. Expectations for Jeep?

    Anyone think anything substantial for Jeep, specifically Wrangler?
  13. How many daily miles would make the 4xe worth the upgrade?

    Currently have 2019 JLU that I have had for 9 months, bought it used and did some good add ons to it. my first ever Jeep and love the damn thing! However, out of pure curiosity with used car prices, I checked. Vroom is offering me a 13k profit vs what I owe! That got my attention and I told...
  14. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Colors, What are they

    The only thing I would actually sell my 7 month owned Mojito is for a bad ass purple did so much work on my mojito and love it. Love the color but purple would look kick ass I doubt they will have it anytime soon
  15. Stupid Question. PHEV Conversion Kit?

    Just wondering, since I don't know too much about the inner workings of Wrangler engines, etc, including the 4XE But would it be possible now or in the future, to convert a gas JL to a PHEV like the 4XE?
  16. Virginia Stock Sahara Wheels and Tires 16k miles w TPMS

    Weekly bump New lower price
  17. Virginia Stock Sahara Wheels and Tires 16k miles w TPMS

    Another bump, really would like to get rid of these