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  1. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    No idea. I learned Warn modified their freespool from 180 degree to 90 degree so newer models do not have this issue anymore.
  2. 8 year 125k MOPAR Max Care Warranty (best price)

    Agree, Call Clay he has some great option/ prices. I ended up choosing 8 Yr $85k miles $100 ded .
  3. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    I read somewhere that Warn has made a replacement free spool lever that was to fix this issues for Wrangler steel bumpers. Give them a call them will probably just send you the new replacement lever. call.
  4. What’s the Lowest bull bar available

    Did your Mopar grille guard come with torx45 replacement screws? Mine did not. Just the bar in the box. The instruction pictures imply you throw away original screws and install new ones which seem they should have been included. Also, My OEM steal bumper has three screw that the base of the new...
  5. New Jersey Dealer 3% Under Invoice Great Customer Service

    2021 Update on this thread. Global Auto mall Rt 22 Plainfield NJ still offering 3% off invoice for ordered Wranglers with Tread lightly discount. They stock plenty of 4 dr, but I ordered 2dr. Could not find a Central Jersey Jeep dealer who would do more than 1% discount. Very easy process...
  6. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    Yes, you need to submit copies of our purchase agreement, and insurance card for the Wrangler.
  7. Ordered 02/26/21 - first Wrangler.

    Ordered my 2 door auto trans Freedom Edition 1/12/21 it was built 1/27/21 took delivery 2/27/21. They seem to build 2door quickly,but then it sat a week in equipment install and then 3 weeks for train/truck to/from NJ,. Manual trans may take a bit longer.
  8. JL Delivery Checklist

    Earlier posts from 2019 recommend checking fuses. This is still an issue in 2021. Just took deliver and many fuses had to be pushed in to seat properly. Check your fuses.
  9. Transporting a Soft Top inside a 2-Door JL

    I had a 2dr JK with hardtop rear seats removed. I purchased up a softop from a guy 75 miles away who bought dual top, but did not want soft top. We had two people in the Wrangler. May have worked better with just one person in the Wrangler. The only way it fit was out of the box with part of the...
  10. Freedom edition?

    Thanks, It took only 57 days since I ordered to arrive so if you want a Freedom 2dr best to order one. You won’t be sorry. A customer was checking it out while I was signing papers and was asking to take for test drive.
  11. Freedom edition?

    Blue Ridge Picked up JL 2door Freedom Edition today. It was worth the wait to order it. Here are a couple of photos.
  12. Freedom edition?

    Willys and Freedom editions come standard with LED headlamps I think the optional LED package get you additional LED daytime running lights and LED turn signals. Willys and Freedom editions come standard with LED headlamps I think the optional LED package get you additional LED daytime running...
  13. How long to get brochure and coupon

    Keep an eye out for Jeep emails got my $1,000 coupon via email as promotions email almost did not open it. All previous coupons I had ever received from Jeep had come via the mail. My problem is I ordered my new Jeep Jan 12 the same day I got this coupon and it expires in two day and my...
  14. Ordering my first Jeep. Any advise?

    Truly recommend tow package even if all you need is hitch since you get the Aux switches and beefier battery. All Wranglers comes with review camera so do you need safety sensors in back?
  15. Long-distance buying, what about warranty work/issues?

    Recommend you take off any other dealer badging i.e. sticker or license plates holders and on you first service they will register your vehicle in their system and you will start get endless mail from them. Should not have issue. If anyone asked why you did not buy from them say they did not...

    Same thing happened to me for my January order order. Three items went up in price, base price jumped $160, hardtop is up $100 now $1,495 technology went up to $995 from $695. The still have not updated the online website. They also made a $100 price increase in the steel bumper option for the...
  17. Freedom edition?

    Blue Ridge, I have been in the same position and finally ordered a 2dr Freedom in January and it will be delivered to dealer next week so no photos yet. What I can tell you is, yes this is the only version that comes with steel front bumper as part of the package. Nice, because many are not...
  18. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    Ordered 2 door Freedom Edition Granite Chrystal on Jan 12th. Update status today: vehicle shipped to body vendor. Anyone have any idea what this could mean? Body damage? Freedom Edition does not seem to be too popular and has steel front bumper and plenty of stickers perhaps that is reason?