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  1. Urgent - Check your oil levels. Did the Jeep dealer put in 6 or 5 quarts of oil in your JL?

    HELP! I need some advice. I brought my 2019 JL Rubicon back to Desert 215 Jeep in Las Vegas in for it's first oil change at 4200 miles. I stressed very clearly to the service advisor that it only takes 5 quarts. He treated me as if I was stupid and "we know". I pick up the Jeep the jeep and...
  2. Mopar Lift Kit vs....

    I went with the Mopar lift on my 2019 JKU and I love it. My previous rig was a 2015 AEV JK350 Rubicon with their 4" lift - I honestly cannot tell the difference. The mopar lift works for me!
  3. Picking out 2019 or 2020 Rubicon

    I ordered my 2019 JKU Rubicon from the Factory with every option but the smokers kit. I live in Vegas and the Sky One-touch top is amazing. Just got back from a 3000 mile trip thru Nevada and California and even went to the beginning of the Rubicon trail. The ability to open/close the roof on...
  4. '19 JLU has arrived and I am loving life!

    I miss my 2015 AEV JKU, but i have to say that the '19 Ruby is amazing. 1 week, 1100 miles, (about 125 in the dirt) and it is performing amazingly well. New Mopar 2" lift, BFG KM3's, Rock Slide Engineering sliders, and Metal Cloak under body armor - :rock::rock::rock: So far, I fricken love it!
  5. "Tank" build. Sting grey rubicon. Updated.

    After waiting for 3 months, my JLU arrived yesterday! Travis, beautiful Tank Jeep! Can you tell me what you ended up doing with your tire/wheel takeoffs? Getting new shoes on Monday, need to figure out what to do with the takeoff stuff. Beautiful build ! Killer deal on those shoes!
  6. TX Sting Gray Build

    What did you do with your tire/wheel takeoffs? And if you sold them, can you please tell me where/how much?
  7. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    I just received an update on Sunday that my window sticker has posted. Dealer is telling me it will ship this week and be in Vegas next week - i'm 2 months waiting.. i hope it doesnt get delayed!