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  1. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you these look intresting
  2. What do the numbers/letters stand for that jeep owners put on rear qtr panel?

    Seeing that you are from SC, it is most likely South Carolina Jeep Addicts. It's a Face Book based jeep club. Their numbering code for instance using the example SCJA-19JLU125 South Carolin Jeep Addicts - Year - Model - Sequential joining number by model
  3. iPad Pro 9.7 inch not charging in Jeep

    I have noticed similar issues with iPhones. What I have found is i cannot start jeep and immediately put it in drive or reverse before the system boots up. If I do the jeep does not recognize anything attached to USB ports. I then have to pull the fuses or do a full reboot through my...
  4. Engine Vibration between 1500 and 2000 RPM under load.

    No Leaks, no smoke. Oil looks fine. It is the first time I checked it though in 39k miles. I was surprised vibration went away as well. I was fearing torque converter issues.
  5. Engine Vibration between 1500 and 2000 RPM under load.

    After another great day wheeling I noticed engine vibration on the way home. only between 1500 and 2000 RPM under load. After cleaning I looked over the underside for anything obvious and checked in the engine bay. The only thing I found was my coolant was almost 1 gallon low! After topping...
  6. Cracked tail light

    I broke my driver side tail light with blind spot monitoring. Got a with out BSM OEM light from a junk yard. Swapping the BSM sensor and its wire harness into the non-BSM light did not work. Marker lights would not illuminate. Brake, Turn, and back up lights did work.
  7. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    Replacing with new OEM is $600! So I am looking at flush mount light right now as well. I have Blind Spot Detection currently and want to keep it. I hear Oracle Lighting is coming out with something soon.
  8. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    Smashed/Cracked Driver side tail light on Windrock Trail 16. Everything still works for now but it's not waterproof anymore!
  9. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    In the interest of increasing knowledge I will add what I have learned. Cracked my LED with BSM driver side tail light wheeling. All lights and sensors still function. Bought a used LED tail light with out BSM. Swapped in BSM sensor and harness from old light into new light. No Joy...
  10. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    3.5" Metal Cloak Game Changer on 37" Pats.
  11. Steepest youve gone with your wrangler? Think i almost rolled mine.

    I've had mine at 26 degree roll. Wasn't teetering, ,,,but I was puckered.
  12. Blind spot alert comes on when off roading.

    Hello all, went wheeling at windsock park in TN this weekend. I am noticing a pattern. My blind spot alerts come on when i off road on any trail more serious than a gravel road and stay on. also quite often the start stop alarm or the traction control alarm comes on as well. I can clear...
  13. Speaker Upgrade Only???

    Are these better sound than the alpines that come with the 8.4" system?
  14. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    I dug into the dash today, the plugs don't look like the pic in post 5. this won't work.
  15. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    USB plugs run at 5 volts. It sounds to like you might have powered it with a 12 volt source.
  16. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    Hi all, perhaps a dumb question but... I see in the post 5 picture the 8.4 Uconnect has two USB connections plugging into it in. One has to be for the Front dash panel and the other has to be for the two USB plugs (in the center console and at the external back of the center console). If it...
  17. 2.0 Engine Skid Plates

    I ordered an ASFIR today. Thanks everyone for going first and reviewing them.
  18. South Carolina LED Fender Lights

  19. South Carolina JLUR Rubicon 4-Door Rock Rails

    Bump. Would prefer to give them to another jeep owner. Getting ready to take them to the metal recycler.
  20. South Carolina Rubicon JLUR Take off suspension.

    yes, steel bumper with tow package.