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  1. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I really hope this works for everybody. Had Jeep taken this seriously 2 years ago I'd be in one now, but it's too little too late for me and I reserved a Bronco at launch. It's kinda funny reading the first few pages of this thread from 2018, there were a lot of condescending Real Men telling...
  2. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Hey, that's great. I reserved one anyway. I wonder if Ford will have a 420 page, 2 yrs + steering issue thread on the Bronco forum that they're incapable of addressing? F*** Jeep.
  3. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    They're going to sell a boatload of these. As the previous owner of 3 JKs and 3 FJs who was scared away from the JL by the (now) 2 yr old, 420 page "Loose steering.." thread, this is what I'm looking for. This is going to steal a ton of sales from people like me who aren't closed minded brand...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Wow 2 years and 4 months later and still no fix. FCA - you know the Broncos coming soon, right?
  5. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I feel so bad for everyone having these problems, they are such beautiful vehicles, I'd be in one by now if it wasn't for the steering issues and FCAs seeming incompetence/indifference to addressing it. I was driving by one of the dealerships 2 sundays ago and I saw 2 couples checking out...
  6. What Would the Bronco Have to Do to Win You Over

    I'm not a brand loyalist with anything. I love the new Wrangler but decided to wait to see what the Bronco looks like. It's funny to me when people who own Chrysler products talk about Fords or any other automaker as junk. I mean, you cant make that stuff up. As long as it looks good retro I'm...

    We rented a 2018 Rubicon with 400 miles on it in Ouray last week and twice I got the Stop/Start Unavailable and Service Electronic Stability control messages..went away with a restart.
  8. Sat in a JL Sport!

    Do your knees bang up against the door and the console?
  9. Manual Windows

    Are power windows a $5,000 option? People carry on like it's gonna affect their retirement if they add the power windows. I've never had a passenger in any of my vehicles,including Wranglers, say " This would be really cool if we could pretend it was 1956 and roll down the windows." Does this...
  10. Do not ASSume your trade value will be reasonable

    The kicker is most dealerships have those bs "Find out what your trade is worth" calculators on their put your info in, you think "Hey, I'd be happy with that amount!", then you go to the dealer and they wont give you anywhere near that amount. Scum of the earth, every last one...
  11. 2018 JL Manual Window Option

    What exactly is the fascination with manual windows?
  12. Long legs and the JL don't mix...

    My concern is width - I'm so used to my legs not hitting a door or console in my Ram and FJ, not sure if I could daily something if theyre rubbing up against. I sat in a JK with hand crank windows (which I would never buy anything with 1940's windows), and my knee was effectively right against...
  13. A Guide to Hating New Jeeps: How to Establish Your Jeep as the Last Great Jeep (JK Owners Edition)

    So true! "All this modern crap, theres too much to go wrong" - I've never understood this one, its all relative. If youre making $8/hr and a repair bill is gonna affect your retirement, maybe you shouldn't be driving a $30 -$40,000 vehicle in the first place. Perhaps a bicycle is what you...
  14. Great Job Today Jay

    Indeed, awesome work!
  15. What's more important to you? Offroad or Open-air

    Ive always hated convertibles, but when I had my 2011 I took the doors and top off from May to October. Turns out I still hated convertibles. When it was humid and in the 90s and driving felt like someone had a blow dryer on me, I had to admit the door off top off thing was basically just for...
  16. JL picture thread

    I'm not following - the FJs turn signals are not in the flares....
  17. JL Wrangler trunk cargo space / area -- first good pics with hardtop

    Because chest - thumping. Remember the outcry when they updated the godawful original JK interior in 2011? You would've thought Jeep was sacrificing babies off of the Empire State Building!
  18. First look at body color painted hard top on 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

    Love it. I'll never go back to the black roof, now it looks cheap to me.